United Nations Charity Foundation (scam warning)

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This is an example of a charity scam message, very similar to the lottery scam messages that also circulate online. In this example, a charity you’ve probably never heard of has awarded you a fortune. What could be better? Unfortunately, “Jurgen Aschhoff” is just a name being used by a scammer to try to pick your pocket — don’t fall into the trap.

Reply-To: psriatcher@yahoo.com.hk
From: “Jurgen Aschhoff”meli@tesk.org.tr
Subject: Transfer Notification of US$2,620,000.00 to your bank account
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2015

Reference No. UNF/CG-24021

Dear Sir,

RE: US$2,620,000.00 Grant Award Notification

Are you the owner of this email address? if yes, then congratulations!

This is to notify you that you have been selected by the board of trustees of the United Nations Charity Foundation based in the United Kingdom for a cash grant award of US$2,620,000.00 with reference No. UNF/CG-1802B, for your business, economic and social research developments of your community.

The United Nations Charity Foundation grant award is conducted online annually and geared towards global humanitarian development and poverty eradication.

Participants emails were choose worldwide from different categories based on their personal and business development of their respective environments.

For further details and to collect your US$2,620,000.00 cash grant award, kindly send your Official Name, telephone and fax number today by email with the above reference number.

Yours sincerely,

Jurgen Aschhoff
Notification Officer

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