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The message below (shown in yellow) is a typical advance fee fraud message. The scammer claims to have money to send you, but if you make the mistake of replying, he will tell you that the money is ready to go as soon as you send the required transfer fee, or bank charge, or import tax, or something similar.

If you make the bigger mistake of sending that “advance fee,” the scammer will disappear with your money and never be seen again.


Sent: Wed, Jan 6, 2021


Your message is received and the contents therein quite understood.

Send back your filled Presidential Form as transmitted to you alongside a copy of your ID as required by Law. I will submit the same to the Presidency for final processing and authorization to the paying Bank. The Presidency has commenced your funds release processes, awaiting receipt of your government mandatory fee to authorize the Scotland Bank to wire your funds into your account.

In accordance with Huge funds and Presidential Laws, the mandatory Government fee covers the processing, insurance and deposit charges to be paid by you and as soon as the charges are confirmed, the Scotland Bank will wire the whole funds into your account. Meanwhile, upon my application,I have received a copy of the deposit Certificate from the paying bank through the Presidency for your perusal and I will send you the copy, for understanding of the legality of this transaction.

Meanwhile, send me your working voice telephone numbers to call you for oral communication.

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Garry Loopy’s Overinvoiced Account

I know it isn’t polite to make fun of people’s names, but a proposed business deal with someone named Loopy doesn’t sound promising. No matter: it isn’t a real business deal anyway. This is instead a standard “overinvoiced account” scam, supposedly coming from a corrupt bank official who wants to cut you in on the deal. In fact there’s no overinvoiced account, no Bahrain multinational, and no Gary Loopy. There’s only a scammer trying to steal money from you.

from: LOOPY (
date: Mon, Sep 21, 2009 at 9:10 AM


Compliment of the day to you my name is Garry Loopy finance manager Bank of Scotland, i am contacting you to seek your partnership in a pending business project which i have here in my hand and ready to be executed without hitches,i would give to you a more detailed explanation of this project which i prefer to call a deal if i get your positive response in agreeing to partner with me since this business is 100% risk free because i have all the modalities fashioned out to give this business an excellent outcome. In an attempt to throw light on this business deal,a month ago a Bahrain multinational company opted an overdraft from our bank and it was over invoiced with an amount of Six Million Pounds,thus i seek your partnership to enable me transfer this funds to your account for both of us and i am open to negotiate your percentage so far you put in your utmost attention and sincerity due to the nature of the business. Please if you are interested do respond back to me via my private so we can discuss further on this.

Best Regards,
Garry Loopy