United Nations Helps (scam warning)

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This is a classic example of a Nigerian “419” scam message. “David Smith” claims to be a representative of the United Nations and to have a large sum of money ready to be delivered to you.

Alas, there really is no money and no “David Smith” either — there is just a scammer trying to get you to take his bait so he can string you along and eventually pick your pocket.

Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2015
Subject: united nations helps
From: “united nations helps” info@un.org
Reply-To: unitednations.helps@yahoo.com

United Nations House
617/618 Diplomatic Zone,
Central Area District,
Abuja- Federal Capital,
Nigeria Annex Office.

Our Ref: YBNGWB/UN/2012. Your Ref: ATM/2014-P/10M

Dear Beneficiary


This is to inform you that a Debit Cash Card Number 7876310003001420 Valued at $10 Million United States Dollars has been accredited in your favor. Your name was forwarded to me for verification and further directives.

For Succinct introduction, I am the Representative of FBI attached to the United Nation to supervise the long Outstanding project payment due to Foreign Beneficiaries that has been delayed since 1998 till date. Based on that, your name was forwarded to me for the payment above as it is recorded with World Bank Plc..

Be informed that your ATM Card was deposited in our custody for further dispatch to you. Meanwhile, The ATM Card will be upgraded in your name and favor. Note that a maximum withdrawal value of US$10,000 is permitted daily and we are duly inter-switched, you can make withdrawal in any location of the ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) Center of your choice/nearest to you anywhere in the world.

So take note that you have to send a copy of your identification, to serve as Proof of Identity. Be aware that having proved your identity beyond doubt,your card could be delivered at your door steps through the aid of courier services. Pls note that you might need to visit access bank head office in Nigeria to obtain your card personally if your identity proves unclear in any form,taking this step is to make certain that your card be delivered to the legitimate beneficiary

Treat as very urgent, as we have limited time frame to dispatch our duties. Attached are the Scan copies of my identification. Upon your response, the ATM Clearance Certificate as approved in your name, as issued and approved by the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Authentication from the Supreme Court of Law will also be sent to you for your perusal. It is imperative that the fund release does not violate any known Law here in Nigeria nor any International arbitration.

Revert back urgently to enable us finalize the payment procedure.

Waiting to hear from you.

Yours Faithfully,

David Smith.
Special Agent to UN.

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John Marcinek, IMF (scam warning)

This is a classic example of an African “419” scam message, claiming to have a fortune ready for delivery to you. (Read more about African email scams.) Alas, there really is no fortune, no payment waiting, and no “IMF Coordinator” — there’s just a scammer trying to get you on the hook so he can eventually pick your pocket.

reply-to: a_mrsingabritt@yahoo.ca
date: Mon, 14 Sep 15
subject: Please Pay Urgent Attention
from: herreriaalfa@speedy.com.ar

Attention: Honorable Beneficiary,

The International Monetary Funds, IMF has authorized my Office to settle all the Foreign Debts owed by the Benin Republic Government.The IMF Foreign Policy and Currency Regulation offered loan of $23 billion to Benin Republic Government based on the Agreement $2 billion was mapped out for the Foreign Debts and your name was among those Beneficiaries to be paid through my Office.

Based on these all the money you have had spent in the course of getting this money in the past must be included as no money will be lost. Therefore, you are directed to state categorically the total amount you had spent before and forward it to my Office now before the total payment will be made on your behalf.

Your payment this time will be taken place immediately and under 72 Hours the payment of $15m was approved on your behalf and will be transferred to you immediately. You are requested to reply with your full information such as:

Your Names
Your Address
Your Phone
Your personal

Contact Phone;+2348022352997

Kindly reply now.

John Marcinek

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Mohammed Bello Adoke (scam alert)

This is a classic example of a Nigerian “419” scam. (Read more about 419 advance fee scams.) In this case, “Mohammed Bello Adoke” says your money is waiting for you in the bank of Nigeria, and you just need to contact him to get it transferred. He assures you it won’t cost anything (of course), and he’s just trying to help you and clean up the corruption in the system.

Sound too good to be true? You can be sure it is!

reply-to: mohammedchamers1@gmail.com
date: Mon, 24 Aug 15
subject: “From the Desk of Mohammed Bello Adoke.”
from: luquiv@speedy.com.ar

From the Desk of Mohammed Bello Adoke.
Attorney General of the Federation
& Minister of Justice (Barrister)
PHONE: +234-7084-235374

Dear Fund Beneficiary

This is to inform you that in the course of my investigation as director of payment verification / implementation committee I came across your name as unpaid fund beneficiary in the record of the central bank and other banks that are suppose to get your funds released to you. My committee was set up by the payment reconciliation committee to verify and scrutinize all outstanding debts owed to our foreign beneficiaries in accordance to the information received from the United States government and other countries over unpaid huge debts owed to Foreigners. Please open the attached documents and view my ID and International Passport.

Having seen your file and my further questioning to the officials of the central bank and ministry of finance as to why your payment is still pending reveals the rot and corruption in the system. The bank officials told me that the reason why you haven’t received your payment is due to your inability to pay for the required charges for transfer of funds to your account. When I asked them why they didn’t deduct the said charges from your principal sum, I was given the flimsy excuse that you never authorized them to do so. When I put the question across to them if they ever advised you that such charges could be deducted from your principal fund, the answer I got was no. Now, if you do not tell this beneficiary that such charges could be deducted from his or her principal fund, how will he or she know that such options are available for such beneficiaries.

You are advised to re-confirm to us the below information or call me immediately for more details.

Your Name:
Your Address:
Your Phone:
Your Mobile:
Your Email:
Your Occupation
Your Sex
Your Age.

From my investigation I discovered that these bank officials deliberately refused to let the charges be deducted from your principal fund because they want your fund to remain trapped in the bank, while they continue to extort money from beneficiaries under some flimsy excuse. You do not need to pay any money to any official, all you are required to do is swear to an affidavit at the federal high court of Nigeria, authorizing the bank to deduct all charges from your principal fund and transfer the balance of funds after deduction to your bank account. If you have spent any money in the past in your quest for payment, kindly let me know so that I can follow this up. You can reach me on my phone or email for directive on how you can get the deduction done as soon as possible and get your payment also.

Yours sincerely,

Mohammed Bello Adoke.
Attorney General of the Federation & Minister of Justice (Barrister)

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Stephen Clifford, Bank of Nigeria (scam alert)

This is a classic example of a Nigerian 419 scam, and at the same time something of a meta-scam. (Read more about how 419 scams work.) “Stephen Clifford” and the whole government of Nigeria are very sorry the money promised to you has not yet been delivered. They have taken care of all the problems now, and everything is all set. You money will be on its way shortly, they promise:

Subject: From Mr.Stephen Clifford
From: apache@kagoya.net
Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2015
Reply-To: stephenclifford_13@qq.com

I Am Mr. Stephen Clifford, Director, Foreign Remittance Department- Central Bank of Nigeria {CBN}. I am contacting based on a recent meeting held with the Office of the Presidency, Federal Republic of Nigeria in conjunction with the Federal Ministry of Finance and Senate committee Budget Planning Unite, National House of Assembly-Federal Republic of Nigeria. After the meeting, it was agreed that you will receive a “Part Payment” of Five Million United States Dollars Only {US$5,000,000.00} out of your long complicated outstanding payment.

Why we did this, is because according to information gathered from the banks computer, you have been waiting for a long time to receive your money without success, as I found out that you have almost met all the statutory requirements of the CBN in respect of your contract payment, your problem is that of interest groups.

I am willing to help you get your money but please for security reasons do not tell anybody that you have your money until you receive cash at your doorstep.

This is something we want to avoid because the boxes were padded with machine. We told the courier service that the boxes contains photographic and film materials and when opened will loose its efficacy. We did not declare money because courier service does not carry money.

In your subsequence response I shall send you the details of the courier company which will be in charge of the delivery to your location, we have concluded that you must compensate us with $500,000 United States dollars as soon as you receive your money. To this effect, you will send us a promissory note for $500,000 United States dollars along with your address for sending the boxes by courier. Please maintain topmost secrecy as it may cause a lot of problems if found out that we are using this way to help you, do not ever tell anybody about this until you have your money.

You are required to re-confirm the under listed details as soon as possible for onward shipment of your over due contract fund:

Your full name:
Private telephone number:
Choice of address {where you wish the consignment delivered}:

God is with us as we wait for your reply.

Yours faithfully,
Mr.Stephen Clifford
Direct tel.no:+234-8112755221

If you fall into the trap, you’ll discover that they still need a “transfer fee” or “transit tax” or some such thing before they can make delivery, and then once they have your “fee” in their pocket, they’ll disappear and you’ll never hear from them again. There is no money waiting for you, there never was, and “Stephen Clifford” doesn’t exist.

Peter Amangbo, Zenith Bank (Scam Alert)

This is a classic advance fee fraud, one that even claims to be connected with the classic source of such frauds, the Central Bank of Nigeria.

(Learn more about advance fee frauds.)

The scammer claims his name is “Peter Amangbo” and that he represents Zenith Bank. There may actually be such a person, because scammers often steal the names of real people to make their scam messages sound authentic.

From: “Zenith Bank Plc”@mail.epharmatecnologia.com.br,
Subject: Re: Funds Transfer Notification”s
Date: Fri, 5 Jun 2015

Re: Bank Payment Notification/Wire Transfer Approvals

Am Mr. Peter Amangbo Chief Executive Officer Zenith Bank Plc, We wish to inform you that you have been recommended by Zenith Bank Plc, to pay you the sum of ($8.5Million United States Dollars) which is based on the understanding and current proposed legislative payment agreement with the Nigerian government and the Central Bank Of Nigeria . for more details and directive contact us on our private email ID (zenithbankng1@financier.com)

Our Bank as a member of the financial services compensation scheme established under the financial services and market act 2007 as at 31 Dec, The Bank is subjected to pay all outstanding debts within the European Economic Areas and Deposits denominated in all currencies and treated alike. To ensure we carry out our normal payment procedures accurately and to help in continually improve our services and interest of security; we therefore demand that you send your proper identity to confirm your person as the beneficiary. We shall also require you to confirm your acceptance to receive this funds. You are also advised to send us your personal details in the manner stated below for the release of your funds into your designed bank account. Note Your information will be treated with utmost security and shall be used for services related reasons only. We would like to inform you that our Bank shall be making transfer to your account once we have received your full accepta nce replying this mail.

1. Your Full name……………….
2. Your telephone………………….
3. Your country……………………..
4. Copy of your driver”s license…………….
5. Your bank name…………………………………….
6. Your account number……………………………..
7. Bank routing……………………………………………
8. Swift code………………………………………………..
9. Account holder”s name……………………………..

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Peter Amangbo
Chief Executive Officer Zenith Bank Plc

But notice how the English is poor and the punctuation is irregular, and how the return address is in Brazil. Here at The Scam Hunter we document these scams to help people learn to recognize them. Read though our pages and learn to identify the scam messages that come your way.

Janet Yellen (scam alert)

Email scammers routinely use the names of real people to make their scam messages sound legitimate. “Janet Yellen” is indeed the name of a real American bank official, but the real Janet Yellen of course has nothing to do with the message below, which just uses her name to try to trick you out of your money. And the scammer seems to think that just claiming to be a US bank official isn’t enough, so he tosses in the names of the United Nations and the Central Bank of Nigeria, too!

Reply-To: infofedresboard@freemail.hu
From: “MRS. JANET YELLEN” info@frb.ny
Date: Tue, 2 Jun 2015

Federal Reserve Bank New York
Ref.: Payment Release Update.
Amount Valued: US$12,800,000.00.

Foreign payment allocation security code (US/A84PRFGN2015)

Attention: Beneficiary,

By means of this message, we wish to inform you that your hour of compensation and actualization has come after our meeting with the United Nations, Bank of America, Central Bank of Nigeria and the Federal Reserve Bank officials, it has been agreed that your real approved funds valued US$10,500,000.00 and the compensation of US$2,300,000.00 (Total US$12,800,000.00) will now be processed and released to your Bank Account through Wire Transfer Department of the Federal Reserve Bank New York.

However, it may interest you to know that after the meeting, with the Bank of America, Central Bank of Nigeria and Office of the Director On-line Account Department have entered into full partnership with the Federal Reserve Bank and your funds Total valued US$12,800,000.00 will now be credited to your Bank Account by the Wire Transfer Department of the Federal Reserve Bank as soon as you make contact with me.

To this effect, you are to contact us with the details below for the immediate release of your funds.

Full Name:……………

Bank Name:————————–
Account No.:————————
Routing No.:————————
Swift Code:————————-
Account Name:———————–

Thanks for banking with Federal Reserve Bank New York while we looking forward to serving you with the best of our service.

Thanks and Congratulations in Advance.

Best Regards,


Any name in the news is fair game for email fraudsters: presidents, deposed dictators, bank presidents, and military leaders all seem to “send” these messages to random people around the world. Our goal here at ScamHunter.org is to make sure you will recognize these messages for the frauds that they are.

Sumudu Saliph, Ministry of Finance

The scam message below purports to come from the classic source for 419 scams: a Nigerian government agency. It also employs the typical tactics used by sociopaths to control their victims: psychological bullying and abuse. They have entrusted money to you, you see, and you have not acted responsibly and should be ashamed of yourself.

Reply-To: debtmanagementofficefmf@gmail.com
Date: Sun, 31 May 2015
From: “FEDERAL MINISTRY OF FINANCE NIGERIA.” debtmanagementofficefmf2@gmail.com


Tell: +234-809-554-9669.


In fairness to mankind, your attitude does not depict someone behooving of this large amount of funds; you can never cherish what you do not value. Simply put that your attitude towards this payment determines this payment’s attitude towards you.

You have been so lackadaisical and too casual to benefit this fund that as a staff of the Debt Management Office, I am beginning to sieve information and ask questions while weighing issues on the scale of common reasoning.

The characters you portray does not befit a beneficiary of funds as large as $32M USD,even if you are being used as conduit pipe or channel to courier this funds out by some highly placed individual, I am sure the person did not do his homework well unless he is an amateur because with my experience in this job as it relates to the syndication of international financial coupons, your conduct has fallen below expectation unless you want me to believe that you are not conversant with the terrain and may need help.

The approval for this payment by the Finance Ministry and Budget Office as I met on record has remained in your favor because your name and particulars here never emerged from the blues just as I do not know you from Adam, the ball is in your court for whatever you want to do with your payment.

Know you please that in the event that nothing serious happens fast, this fund will be retired to the treasury as unclaimed while your file would be assumed as treated and finally closed.

I am here for you in the event that you need me, I fly straight.


Sumudu Saliph
Debt Management Office

If you make the mistake of replying to this scammer you can be sure that more lies, abuse, and psychological manipulation will be aimed at you.

Michael Scott, JFK Airport (scam alert)

Your shipment of ten million dollars in cash is waiting for you at JFK Airport in New York! Hooray! All you need to do is pay the advance fee that “Michael A. Scott” wants, and then the money will be yours. Or rather your money will be his, and you’ll never hear from him again.

Reply-To: p64584647@aol.com
From: Michael Scott sm0172@usa.com
Subject: Consignment Delivery Alert From JFK Int’l Airport,
Date: Sat, 9 May 2015

Attn: Beneficiary,

This is to acknowledge the receipt of your affirmation and to inform you of the latest development in regards to the delivery of your consignment box conveyed by courier diplomatic agent. During the scanning of your consignment box, our cash-track machine detected that the content of the consignment box is cash worth US$10,500,000.00 only.

In accordance with section 34 and 36 of the Custom sector, it is not acceptable to bring over US$100,000 into the United States of America without proper documentations and clearance because it shows that the money is either being smuggled into the country or the source of the funds is questionable.

It is very important that all the relevant documentations needed to authenticate the source of the funds are provided to prove that the funds were earned legitimately in accordance with the PATRIOT ACT so that IRS and Homeland Security will not come knocking at your door. In lieu of the above, it is therefore mandatory that you shall provide the Nigeria Custom Clearance Certificate (N.C.C.C) to prove that the funds is not linked with any form of illegality. Being the beneficiary of the consignment, the Nigeria Custom Clearance Certificate (N.C.C.C) is the only way of confirming the source of the funds and it is your responsibility to provide the Certificate before the diplomat will be allowed to complete the delivery of your consignment box to your house.

The diplomat’s Flight Details shows that he came from Nigeria and we have contacted the responsible authority in Nigeria to inquire about the process of getting the Certificate. We were informed that the beneficiary of the consignment will pay for the Certificate and the cost of this documentation is just US$91 only so that your consignment delivery will be successfully done within 5-hours without any hitches or delay after the N.C.C.C is secured.

Upon the receipt of the needed information of yours, the I shall relay to you the information you will use in sending the fee to the Nigeria Custom Service Authority so as to enable them issue the above mentioned document in your name so that the Diplomat will be allowed to complete the delivery of your consignment to your house.

Finally, kindly send me your full name, full address, direct phone number and drivers license or passport for identification.

Yours Sincerely,

Michael A. Scott
Head, Luggage Dept.
JFK International Airport
Address: Jamaica, New York, NY 11430, United States

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Email Scammers Use Victim to Smuggle Drugs

It’s easy to laugh at the wild claims that appear in email scam messages — rich deposed dictators who need your help, millionaire widows dying of cancer, hidden bank accounts that belonged to a long lost relative. But it’s important to remember that the people who send these messages in an organized way are real criminals.

A story this week from New Zealand reports on a man who was hooked by a regular email scammer, and after a very long period of contact, during which the man kept giving money to the scammer and still didn’t catch on, he was tricked by the scammer into smuggling a large quantity of illegal drugs into New Zealand.

The relationship between the scammer and this victim started in the usual way. “A ‘Daniel Tucker’ sent an email claiming to work for the United Nations in Nigeria. He told Mr Miranda that the UN had set aside US$8.5 million to repay the $100,000 and use the remaining balance to build an orphanage in New Zealand. The money never arrived.”

Eventually, the victim “was lured to Papua New Guinea on the promise of picking up US$8.5 million in cash. He returned empty-handed — except for some extra luggage, which a man who called himself ‘Daniel Tucker’ asked him to take.” When customs officials X-rayed the luggage they found “1.5kg of methamphetamine hidden in secret compartments in the padding.”

Fortunately in this case, the victim was able to cooperate with authorities and set up the real drug smugglers, who were eventually captured.

Central Bank of Nigeria ATM Card

This isn’t just a simple Nigerian advance-fee scam, it’s a Nigerian advance-fee scam about Nigerian advance-fee scams (a meta-scam). You’ve been scammed in the past, says “Dr. Kingsley Moghalu,” and now we are prepared to pay you compensation for your losses. People receiving this message should remember the old saying, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

reply-to: kingsley_moghalu2015@outlook.com
date: Sat, 02 May 15 21:21:26 +0000
from: robertogarciabar@speedy.com.ar

From: Dr.Kingsley Moghalu
Deputy Governor
Central Bank of Nigeria
Marina- Lagos
Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Ref: CBN/FPD/0101373/14

Attn: Florin Moineagu

This is a reminder message regarding your ATM Master card for your compensation fund in the sum of US$570,000.00 (Five hundred and Seven thousand US dollars only) approved by the Ministry of Finance. The Foreign Payment Department of CBN has been mandated by the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation to handle the payment of your compensation fund of the above amount by ATM card. Your email contact is amongst the listed beneficiaries in the data for the sum of US$570,000.00. And I have been assigned by the management of CBN to carry out delivery of the ATM card package to you.

This compensation is in compliance with IMF and World bank directives to pacify victims of internet scam. On this note, I am pleased to inform you that ATM card Number 8539 7578 0114 3023 for the sum of US$570,000.00 has been credited in your favor and ready for immediate delivery to you. You are hereby required to re-confirm your full names, telephone number and present address where you want the ATM card to be delivered to you.

Upon receipt of the above requirements from you I shall have your ATM card package dispatched to you by courier service who will deliver to your designated home address. With the ATM card, you can make withdrawals from any part of the world at ATM center near to you. The pin number and all necessary user guides will be attached on delivery (intact in the ATM card package doc.) which will be delivered to you by the courier service, for your easy use.

Further instruction/directive will be sent to you on receipt of your acknowledgment to this message.

Best Regards
Dr. Kingsley Moghalu
Office of the Deputy Governor
CBN, Nigeria

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