Swift Payment Updates from Mrs. Rodgers (scam alert)

Who wouldn’t be interested in a scheme filled with international intrigue? It seems (according to “Mrs. Rodgers”) that millions of dollars that belong to you are being siphoned off by corrupt shadowy officials from the International Monetary Fund.

Alas, it’s all a scam — not because they’re siphoning your account, but because there’s no account in the first place. (Read more about how advance fee frauds like this operate.)

Reply-To: rodgersjancarolpaymentoffice@ gmail.com
From: “Mrs. Rodgers. (IMF)” sigha9@katamail.com
Subject: Re: Swift payment updates !
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2015

Attn: Fund owner,

This is to officially notify you that, we have apprehended the officials behind the delay in releasing your contract/inheritance payment of US$3.5M for several years. The sum of US$3.5M will be processed and released to you these second quarters of 2015.

Some group of corrupt official working with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) here in US, Canada and in the United Kingdom conspired to siphon your US$3.5M to their private account overseas.

Processing and release of your payment will be made either by wire transfer or certified ATM card. Without further delay, we need you to make a choice of payment and also reconfirm your address, names, occupation, telephone numbers and a valid ID in order to update your file with the legal processing/payment office.

For security reason, stop all communications with whom ever you are dealing with at this point immediately.


Rodgers Carol
International Monetary Fund USA.

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Tom Crist Foundation (Scam Alert)

This curious scam message combines a whole range of traditional scammer themes. “Tom Crist” has won a lottery, his wife was dying of cancer, and as a religious man he wants to share his wealth with you. Alas, it’s just another version of the old fashioned advance-fee fraud, designed not to spread his fortune but to grow it by picking your pocket.

Subject: My Bear Beneficiary, You Are My Lucky Winner.**
From: TOM CRIST FOUNDATION zkg663@alumni.ku.dk
Date: Tue, 05 May 2015 23:41:55 -0700
Reply-To: tomcristalert.15@rogers.com

I am Mr Tom Crist the Calgary Max Lotto Winner of 40 Million and i know this would come as a surprise to you but be rest assured that as a man who believes in the word of God i know that in my heart it is always better to give than to receive, see Luke 12:33-34.

i am writing to inform you that Google in alliance with MICROSOFT submitted your “Email” upon my request that you receive a Cheque/Check for $1million. in honor of my of his late wife Janice Crist, who died of cancer two years ago. see PROOF below;


I have already issue out a check for $1.2million to the Tom Baker Cancer Center where Janice Crist was treated before her death. find proof below;


Please forward your Full Names, Age, Address, Tel, Occupation and a check for $1million will be issued to you.


Tom Crist
Retired CEO & Calgary Lotto Winner

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UK Canadian National Lottery (Scam Alert)

This is an exceptionally detailed lottery scam message, filled with tons of made-up information about fiduciary agents, serial numbers, and busy office phones. In any real lottery, however, if you don’t buy an entry ticket you can’t win. No lottery that picks people randomly from the web, as this one claims to do, is legitimate. Don’t believe it? Try to collect your winnings from these folks and see what happens.

from: CUSTOMER SERVICE (national-lottery02@in.com)
reply-to: tsmith01@in.com
date: Mon, Oct 12, 2009 at 1:41 AM
subject: FINAL NOTIFICATION:…Please contact our fiduciary Agents !!!

Customer Services
Ref: USCA/9420X2/68
Batch: 074/05/ZY369
File #: KTU/9023118308/03

We happily announce to you the Third annual draw of the UK CANADIAN NATIONAL LOTTERY Sweepstakes International program held on the Wednesday 19th of August 2009 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Your e-mail address was attached to ticket number: 564 75600545 188 and Serial number 5368/02 drew the lucky winning numbers: 5 6 10 15 39 42 BONUS 8 which subsequently won you the lottery in the 2nd category. You have therefore been approved to claim a total sum of US$138,500 (One Hundred and Thirty Eight Thousand Five Hundred United States Dollars)in cash credited to file ktu/9023118308/03.This is from a total cash prize of US$5,540,000 million dollars, shared amongst the First Twenty (40) lucky winners in this category.

All participants were selected randomly from World Wide Web through computer Draw system.This promotion takes place quarterly in view of this, your US$138,500 (One Hundred and Thirty Eight Thousand Five Hundred United States Dollars) would be released and Processed By our Fiduciary agents/officers in Canada .For security reasons, you are advised to keep your winning information confidential until your claims has been processed and your money remitted to you in whatever manner you deem fit to claim your prize. This is part of our precautionary measure to avoid claiming and unwarranted Abuse of this program by some unscrupulous elements.Please be warned. Such cases we encountered earlier.

You have therefore been approved for a lump sum pay out of US$138,500 (One Hundred and Thirty Eight Thousand Five Hundred United States Dollars) at no extra cost to yourself from our North American payment office located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada should you claim within the 3week time frame.

Now, we would like to explain to you the Federal and International regulations governing the personal collections of cash prizes.

1) Prize winnings are released to you as soon as your Clearance Fee is deducted and paid. That will be the day that your cheque will be released from our remittance office.

2) Your clearance fee is provided for you and is a calculated amount based on the size of your win as required by Federal and International regulations.

3) Note that once your clearance fee is paid, you will receive your winnings in the form of a certified check/Draft or if you request, by bank transfer directly into your bank account or any account nominated by you.

4) If you are contacted by any other person other than the designated fiduciary Agent and you are asked to send any form of money please desist from any further communication with this person, we provide all stipulated charges or fees take note of this.

To file for your claim, please direct all mails /inquiries to our fiduciary Agents in Canada they will take charge of all winners from these continents mentioned above, with all of the Details available below.Once you have made contact, we shall designate one of our numerous Customer services officer to handle your claim:

Mr. Thomas Smith
Tel/Fax no: +1-206-888-2125
Email: tsmith01@in.com

Good luck from me and members of staff of the UK CANADIAN NATIONAL LOTTERY.To avoid necessary delays and complications,please immediately send us an email or fax with following details below:

a) Quote your reference/batch and file numbers.
b) Your lucky winning numbers and bonus numbers.
c) Your full names and current address.
d) Proof of identity.
e) Also a copy of this email message.
f) Winning amount.
g) Your email address,telephone and fax numbers.

Congratulations once more from all members and staff of this program. Thank You for being part of our promotional lottery program.

Yours Sincerely,

1) Please note preferred mode of communication in redeeming your winnings is through Email or fax; telephone calls may not be received due to busy schedules.

2) We had to send this email again because fraudsters/scammers tried to drop a malicious bug into our database, please accept our apologies.

3) If you think you have received this email in error please ignore/discard it.

4) Please also do not reply to national-lottery02@in.com, if you do you risk been disqualified of redeeming your winnings. Mode of communication in redeeming your winnings is through Email or fax; telephone calls may not be received due to busy schedules.

5) You can also confirm your winning number and bonus numbers on our web www2.canada.com/findit/lotteries/results.aspx?id=4

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George Nduka, ICB Ghana (Scam Alert)

“George Nduka” is the manager of the International Commercial Bank of Ghana. Or maybe he isn’t since his email address is in Canada. He says he’s been skimming money for a while, and wants to cut you in on the profits if you’ll help him cash out. The message is a standard advance fee scam, but suppose it wasn’t: do you think getting involved with international financial criminals would be a smart thing to do?

from: George Nduka (ong@bellnet.ca)
reply-to: georgenduka1212@naseej.com
date: Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 5:12 AM


Pardon me for not having the pleasure of knowing your mindset before making you this offer and it is utterly confidential and genuine by virtue of its nature.

I write to solicit your assistance in a funds transfer deal involving US$3.5M.This fund has been stashed out of the excess profit made last 2years by my branch office of the International Commercial Bank of Ghana which I am the manager.

I have already submitted an approved end-of-the-year report for the year 2007 to my head office here in Accra-Ghana and they will never know of this excess.

I have since then, placed this amount on a Non-Investment Account without a beneficiary. Upon your response, I will configure your name on our database as holder of the Non-Investment Account. I will then guide you on how to apply to my head office for the Account Closure/bank-to-bank remittance of the funds to your designated bank account.

If you concur with this proposal, I intend for you to retain 30% of the funds while 70% shall be for me. Kindly forward your response to me immediately

With Regards,
George Nduka
+233 24 888 6531

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