I am Symon Petruso (scam warning)

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This is a European version of the old African “419” scam. The scammer claims he was a government official in Ukraine, and has access to a fortune in cash. You just have to help him get the cash out of his country, and you can have a cut of the proceeds. Alas, there really is no fortune — just a scammer trying to pick your pocket.

Reply-To: symon.petruso@gmail.com
From: “Mr. Symon Petruso” verkauf@svec.at
Subject: I am Symon Petruso
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2016

I am Symon Petruso, I was one of Mr Andriy Kliuyev’s aid and the most confidential and trusted of the staff. Mr Kliuyev who used to be the Head of the Presidential Administration during the reign of president Viktor Yanukovych who was president of Ukraine from 25th February 2010 until last year.

I am in custody of a huge amount of money I would like to invest in real estate or your line of business in your country. Contact me if you are capable and suitable for partnership and I will provide the funds for the investment. I personally participated in the diversion of funds on behalf of my boss for the president. Shortly before the political upheaval in Ukraine, Mr Kliuyev secretly ordered me to divert the total sum of 35mil USD for him but I smartly used my name as the depositor of the diverted 35mil USDollars before his government was toppled. The money is presently deposited with a financial institution in my name and I need your cooperation to re-profile the funds in your name to enable us invest the funds in your country. I will furnish you with further details when I hear from you. Your quick response will be appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

Symon Petruso.

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Syria Email Scams

The wars in the Middle East are tragic, and (sad to say) tragic war zones attract scammers who try to make money from other people’s suffering. (See more examples of war zone scams.) You don’t have to be able to read German to recognize the message below as a standard advance fee fraud message. “Marwan Abadi” claims to have a fortune locked away in a security vault, and if you’ll only help him get out of Syria he’ll cut you in on part of the money:

Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2015
From: jennybuchgraber@networld.at
Subject: Ich schreibe Ihnen, um Ihnen privat meine Qual in Syrien mitzuteilen

Ich schreibe Ihnen, um Ihnen privat meine Qual in Syrien mitzuteilen.

Mein Name ist Marwan Abadi, syrischer Staatsbürger. Mein Vater wurde in einer Stadt in Syrien getötet und sein Unternehmen niedergebrannt, weil er Rebellen unterstützt hat (der Syrische Nationalrat), der aktuell dafür kämpft, Syrer aus der Staatsgewalt von Präsident Bashar Al-Assad zu befreien.

Ich habe meinen Vater Sheik Abu Ibrahim Abadi verloren und seine Firma in Damaskus und das meiste des Familienvermögens, da die loyale Gewalt zu Präsident Bashar Al-Assad behauptet hat, dass mein Vater die Rebellen unterstützt und finanziert. So musste ich mit meiner Frau und Kindern flüchten und bin nun in einem Flüchtlingscamp in Syrien. Vor seinem Tod hat mein Vater 11,8 Millionen Euro (elf Millionen acht hundert tausend Euro) bei einer Sicherheitsfirma hinterlegt. Das ist das Einzige was mir und meiner Familie geblieben ist. Wir suchen nach einer Möglichkeit nach Geschäftspartnern in Ausland, denn in Syrien scheinen die politischen Unruhen für lange Zeit anzudauern.

Wir wollen investieren und von dem Geld in Ihrem Land Gebrauch machen, vielleicht dorthin übersiedeln bis die Krise in Syrien endgültig beendet ist.

Es gibt zwei Möglichkeiten wie die Überweisung geschehen kann. Das Kapital kann auf Ihr Konto überwiesen werden oder in bar von einem registrierten Diplomaten in Ihr Land gesendet werden. Ich kann versichern, dass die Überweisung reibungslos verläuft. Bitte teilen Sie mir mit, mit welcher Methode Sie mit uns arbeiten wollen, sodass wir mit den Maßnahmen beginnen können.

Sie können mich gerne jederzeit kontaktieren (abadimarwan01@gmail.com)

Lassen Sie mich hier enden, in der Hoffnung, eine rasche Antwort von Ihnen zu erhalten.

Here’s a general translation of the text (from German scam to English scam):

I am writing to you privately share my agony in Syria.

My name is Marwan Abadi, Syrian citizen. My father was in a Killed city in Syria and burned his company because he rebels support has (the Syrian National Council), currently fighting for Syrians to exempt from the state power of President Bashar Al-Assad.

I have my father Sheik Abu Ibrahim lost Abadi and his company in Damascus and most of the family’s wealth, because the loyal violence President Bashar Al-Assad has claimed that my father the rebels supported and financed. So I had to flee with my wife and kids and am now in a refugee camp in Syria. Before his death, my father 11.8 million Euro (11,000,008 hundred thousand euros) at a Security company deposited. That’s the only thing that me and my family has remained. We are looking for an opportunity for business partners in Abroad, because in Syria appear to the political turmoil for a long time to persist.

We want to invest and make use of the money in your country,maybe there are moving to the crisis in Syria is permanently discontinued.

There are two ways how the transfer can be done. The capital can be transferred to your bank account or in cash by a registered Diplomats are sent to your country. I can assure you that the Transfer proceeds smoothly. Please tell me, with what Method you want to work with us so we could start with the measures can.

You can feel free to contact me at any time (abadimarwan01@gmail.com)

Let me end here, in the hope of a quick response from you to obtain.

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