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[NO SCAMS!] is an educational site intended to help people avoid online scams. We don’t sell anything and we don’t collect personal information on our visitors. Like most websites we do employ automated counters that let us know how many visitors we have and were in general they are from. (From the world map on the bottom of this page you can see we help people all around the world.) But this generic information does not allow us to identify any individual visitors. To help pay the cost of hosting our site we do put Google advertising on our pages, as many websites do. These are safe, third-party ads screened by Google, and they are selected automatically — we do not accept nor do we seek any commercial endorsements.

We don’t use this site for any kind of mailings, and you will never receive email from the domain — if you do, it is someone using our name without permission (probably a scammer).

Once upon a time, on an earlier version of this site, we had posted contact information and we often received thank-you notes from visitors who had been alerted to scams through our efforts. Unfortunately, this also made us contactable by the scammers we exposed, and we received many threats. Never forget that the people who send scam messages around the world are not harmless pranksters: they are criminals, and often dangerous criminals. For that reason we no longer post contact information on this site.