Mrs. Yeety Bayarmaa (cancer scam)

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This is a classic example of the old “dying widow scam,” complete with gold traders, a rich dead husband, and secret African bank accounts, all courtesy of “your sick sister in Christ.” It may be hard to believe that people fall for these messages, but it’s clear that some people do, because if they didn’t, the scammers wouldn’t still be sending them.

Date: Sat, 23 Jan 2016
From: “Mrs. Yeety Bayarmaa”
Subject: Greetings Dearest Beloved,

Greetings Dearest Beloved,

I know that this letter may be a very big surprise to you, I came across your email contact from my personal search and I instructed the doctor here in this hospital to help me email you and i believe that you will be honest to fulfill my final wish before i will die.

I am Mrs. Yeety Bayarmaa, I am 66 years old, From Benin, and I am suffering from a long time cancer of the breast. From all indication my condition is really deteriorating, and my doctors have courageously advised me that I may not live beyond 3 month; this is because the cancer has reached a critical stage.

I was married to late Dr Bayramaa Altangerel, gold & diamond exportation in Burkina Faso, West Africa, where we live all our Lives for Thirty-two years before he died in the year2004. But is quite unfortunately, He died after a Cardiac Arteries Operation that lasted only for four days.

Since his death I decided not to re-marry, I deposited all the sum of $5.8million dollars with a INSTUTITION here in Ouagadougou- Burkina Faso, where we spend our life together in Burkina Faso.

Presently, this money is still in their custody, and the management just wrote me as the Legitimate beneficiary to come forward to receive the money after keeping it for so long or rather issue a letter of authorization to somebody to receive it on my behalf since I cannot come over as a result of my illness, or they get it confiscated.

Presently, I’m with my laptop in a hospital where I have been undergoing treatment. I have since lost my ability to do anything myself and my doctors have told me that I have only 3 month to live.

Now that i am about to end the race like this, without any family members and no child. It is my last wish to see that this money is invested, but you will assure me that you will take 50% of the money and give 50% to the orphanages home in your country for my heart to rest.

I want your good humanitarian, to also use this money to fund churches, orphanages and widows around. I must let you know that this was a very hard decision, but I had to take a bold step towards this issue because I have no further option. I hope you will help see my last wishes come true you can. contact me here

As soon as I receive your reply I shall give you the contact of the INSTUTITION. I will also issue you a letter of authority which will prove that you are the new beneficiary of this funds, and the documents concerning the deposit. Please assure me that you will act accordingly as I stated here. i. Hope to hear from you soonest. I am waiting for your response. through my private

Yours Sick Sister in Christ,
Mrs. Yeety Bayarmaa

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Joseph Madu, Economics Student

The allure of gold seems to make half the scammers in the world claim to have a trunk full of gold dust, or to be executives of gold mining companies, or to be the secret possessors of a fortune in rare gold coins. Here, the supposed son of a supposed mining director wants your help to invest in your country. Such a thoughtful boy! Who could turn him down? Certainly not you (sucker).

from Informação Mota & Teixeira
date Sat, Mar 27, 2010 at 9:40 AM
subject Complement of the Season.

Dear Sir,

I am Mr. Joseph Madu, an economics student; i have an inherited fund that was deposited in a security company on my name in Spain by my late father, who was once the director of West Africa gold miners association until his death. However i have not been to your country before but i will like you to give me details of investment opportunities in your country and also assist me to invest in your country.

Reply to this mail address.

Thanks as you reply.
Joseph Madu.

W. Coulibaly, Poisoned Cocoa Merchant (Scam Alert)

Poor Miss Linda Smith! She and her daughter Aishat need your help recovering a fortune in gold dust left to her by a wealthy gold and cocoa merchant who was poisoned by his partners. Such drama! It almost makes you want to reply, just to find out how the story will be spun.

from: Personal Link
date: Fri, Oct 9, 2009 at 5:26 PM
subject: FROM: Miss Linda Smith,

FROM: Miss Linda Smith,

Dear Friend ,

Greetings.I am Miss Linda Smith , 24, Sierra-leonean , presently based in Cote d’ivoire and was mistress to Mr W.Coulibaly who was a wealthy Gold/Cocoa Merchant.He died on the 8rd October, 2008 and suspected to have been poisoned by his partners in one of his business trips abroad.Upon his death , his extended family drove me and my only daughter,out of the family residence and claimed he had a legally wedded indegineous wife with two children .I am not disputing this and explained that my daughter, Aishat should be allowed to stay but this fell on deaf ears saying my child is an illegimate child because of their greed.I have lost my parents and contact with my extended family who were againt my relationship with Mr W.Coulibaly .Before his death,on the 14th,July,2006,which is the birthday of Aishat,he had given me secretly a certificate of deposit of a financial institution where he had deposited some magnaniuous funds with 96KG of Gold dust and explained all these were deposited as family valuables and none of his family member is aware of this.I am now seeking assistance in order to get this funds/Gold and also seek your advice for any profitable business that I can invest in your country of abode.For your assistance,support and co-operation ,I am ready to offer 25% of the total funds and immediately I read from you will send more information and proofs. I thank you in anticipation.

Miss Linda Smith

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