About Us

WELCOME TO THE SCAM HUNTER. Millions of dollars and thousands of hours of worker productivity are lost every year to Internet scams. ScamHunter.org was created to help people recognize and avoid many of the common advance fee frauds, lottery scams, and other shady gimmicks that circulate on the net. Educate yourself on ScamHunter.org so you won’t get caught in the con artists’ traps. Our philosophy: “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.”

This is actually the second incarnation of this website. The first incarnation operated successfully for several years under another name, and received many messages of thanks from people all around the world who avoided being scammed after studying the materials we made available. That first site was so successful, in fact, that it was specifically targeted by scammers for destruction. Because it was doing damage to their criminal enterprises, our first site was repeatedly hit by DDOS attacks (denial-of-service attacks) that brought the website down. Make no mistake: the people who are sending these scam messages are not friendly pranksters, they are organized criminals. If you want to stick a digital finger in their collective eye, please consider bookmarking ScamHunter.org, blogging about it, passing it along to your friends and neighbors, and subscribing to our RSS feed.

On the right-hand side of every page you’ll find a search box that will let you search the site for particular names and organizations; a set of links to general information about advance fee frauds, phishing scams, lottery scams, and other online scams and frauds; a list of the most recent postings; and the archives of past postings.

PLEASE NOTE: Scammers often use the names of real people and legitimate businesses in their fraudulent messages. Why? To lend an air of legitimacy to their criminal enterprises. Just because the name of a real person or a real bank or a real government agency appears in a scam message, that doesn’t mean the person or organization in question is involved in the scam in any way. The scammers are just stealing these names in order to make themselves look legitimate.

—The Scam Hunter