Amazon PlayStation Order (Phishing Scam Alert)

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The message below (shown in yellow) is a phishing scam – it’s not a real message from It’s an attempt to steal your credit card information.

If you get an email message like this one that says a $1400 charge has been placed on your account, your natural reaction is to immediately call the company to stop the phony charge. And that’s exactly what the scammer here hopes you will do, because the company phone number listed in the message is not a real number: it goes straight to the scammer. “Yes, Mr. Jones, I can cancel that order for you. Just give me your card number and date of birth please….”

That’s the trap. You think you’ve cancelled a phony order, but in fact you’ve just given your private information away to a thief.

AMAZON Order Confirmation
Order #980-784657-654322

Hello Customer,

We thought you’d like to know that we’ve dispatched your item(s). Your order is on the way, if you need to return an item from this shipment or manage other orders, Call our Toll-Free

If you need further assistance or to Cancel your order, Call us Customer Service 1(844)576-0035.

Arriving: Tomorrow
Your shipping speed: Standard Delivery

Your package was sent to:
David H Banns
1360 Raintree Lane
Wellington, Florida
33414, US

Your package is being shipped by ATS and the tracking number is 87647553623410. Please note that a signature may be required for the delivery of the package.

Shipment Details

Play Station 4 Pro Console – 1 TB Slim Edition
Sold by John David
Item Subtotal: $1459.90
Shipping & Handling: $00.00
Pending Payment: $1459.90

If you need further assistance or to Cancel your order, Call us Customer Service 1(844)576-0035.

We hope to see you again soon.

A M A Z 0 N.C0M

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