COVID Charity Scam from Mrs. Favour Unisa

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The message below (shown in yellow) is a typical example of a charity scam. Lots of new charity scam messages have gone into circulation since the COVID pandemic, but they all follow the same old pattern: the scammer has millions of dollars and wants you to help give it away to charity. If you respond, the scammer will try to get personal information from you (bank account numbers, for example), and then instead of sending you money to distribute, the scammer will empty your account of everything you have.

date: Dec 7, 2020
subject: My COVID-19 charity donation.

Please contact me in my email ( )

Greetings to you my dear,

My name is Mrs. Favour Unisa I have a donation of (6.900.000.00 USD) MILLION for you. Please I will like you to get back to me if you will help on this donation to help the poor. I will give you more details on how you can help to invest this money to help the poor because of my poor health condition which I will let you know as soon as I hear from you. Reply for more details & information.

God bless you as I wait for your reply.

Your sister.

Mrs. Favour Unisa

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