Portfolio Managements & Funding (scam alert)

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The message below is a good example of a business investment scam. How can you tell? Well, for one thing it claims to come from a UK company but is written in poor English. And also, note that the “From” address is a different name that the person supposedly signing the message (and the “From” address is in Japan, while the sender claims to be from the UK). The verdict? It’s a scam!

Subj: Portfolio Managements & Funding
From: ANTHONY BENNETT 0@mbd.ocn.ne.jp
Date: Dec 20, 2018, 2:35 PM

Dear Sir/Madam

We are a private registered financial investment company based in UK

I have the mandate of a private investor who wish to invest his funds without the mention of his name. These funds ranges from 500 Million USD and above.

As a Private financial and investment company, we are seeking for individuals who has funds management abilities that can manage the funds into a profitable investment.

Ensuing from these funds, we are also able to provide financial banking instruments as BGs, SBLCs and comfort letter of credits for any projects requiring such supports.

If you have any clients in need of Loans to support his existing project, we can be able to work with such individuals.


Mr. Bryan Holland

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