Mrs. Bahadur Reza Nobakhti (scam warning)

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The message below (shown in yellow) is an example of the “dying widow” scam. The sender claims to be a very wealthy person dying of cancer, with no heirs to give her fortune too. If you would just help distributing it to charity, you can have a generous cut — what could be better!

Alas, there’s really no wealthy widow and no fortune. There’s just a scammer who will string you along, get you to pay “transfer fees” and “bank charges,” and then disappear, never to be heard from again.

From: Bahadur Reza Nobakhti
Date: Sat, Jan 12, 5:32 PM
Subj: Hello my dear

Hello my dear

May peace of our almighty god be unto you

Greeting in the name of our almighty god i wish you and your family happy moments of life now and forever more name is mrs bahadur reza nobakhti ,69 yers old from dubia living in in abidjan, cote d´ivoire,please, i do not have formal relationship with you but because of my present predicament and circumstances i am made to contact you.i have been suffering from cancer and have a short life to leave.i have made up my mind to donate my inheritance of 3.5million usd to the less privileged please help me to fulfill my last wish,please contact me here.

[ ]

Please contact me in my personal email .. [ ]

I wait to hear from you


Mrs bahadur reza nobakhti

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