Florence Ardy (scam alert)

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This is a standard example of the “dying widow scam.” Poor Florence! She has a fortune to give away and no children to give it to. Perhaps you would like to help spend the money? Alas, if only it were true. In reality, “Florence” is just a scammer trying to pick your pocket.

Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2016
From: Florence Ardy Yak florence1802.ardy@gmail.com
Reply-To: Florence Ardy Yak florardy443@aim.com
Subject: Please read my email


I wish firstly to apologize for this intrusion into your life even though I admit that this is very important to me. I called Florence Ardy, born March 1, 1950. I suffer from throat cancer for over 5 years and then unfortunately, my doctor just informed me that I’m in terminal and my days are numbered because of my health enough gradient. I am a widow and I did not have children just because I’m sterile. In fact, the reason I am contacting you is that I want to donate a portion of my property because I have nobody who could inherit. I almost sold all my things including a company exporting cocoa and pineapple and steel industry in Africa where I lived for over 30 years. A big part of all money raised was paid to various humanitarian associations around the world but especially here in Africa. Regarding the rest of the sum which amounts to exactly Four million Five hundred thousand euro currently on a Personal Account Locked, my last wish would be to donate them so that you can invest in your business and especially in the humanitarianism. I am quite aware that I intend to do and I think despite the fact that we do not know, that you will make good use of that sum. I beg you to please accept this legacy but do you nothing in return if not always think to do good around you, that I could not do during my life.

That said, being assured of having fallen on a person responsible and above all good faith, I ask you to please contact me as soon as possible to give you more explanation on the reasons for my action and the course of things.

Mrs. Florence Ardy

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