Alfonso Camacho (oil scam)

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This is an example of a business contract scam with a shady angle. If you’ll just help “Alfonso Camacho” with his crude oil deal, then you can have a cut of the proceeds. But as with all advance fee frauds, there really is no oil deal and “Alfonso” is just a scammer who is probably working from an internet cafe somewhere in Africa.

Subject: Please treat as urgent.
From: “Mr. Alfonso Camacho”
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2016

Attn: Dear Friend,

After my official enquiry from the foreign trade office and the chamber of commerce and industry, decided to contact you, my name is Alfonso Amantius Camacho a staff in the National petroleum agency of Sao Tome and Principe (NPA-STP), I am contacting you for a partnership project as I secured a crude oil lifting license from the National Petroleum Agency (STP-NPA) where I work but cannot make use of it alone owing to the fact that I am a staff in the NPA, so it is on this ground that I am contacting you so we can be partners in this field.

The license was for 5years at 24 million Barrels/12months. i.e., the license has an operating duration of five (5) years.

I will package you as the new allocation license beneficiary since my position in the agency doesn’t permit me to handle it alone.

Due to my position in the Petroleum Agency, I cannot handle this project alone; you have all the qualities needed for this project.

All we need do to are these:

1. We have to officially register a company with the Sao Tome and Principe Petroleum Agency, which shall serve as our lifting company as to enable us make use of this lifting license.

2. I will ensure that all lifting procedures are in place and buyers readily available.

3. You stand in as the license operator for all the lifting and sales transactions.

If accepted we can start working on this project, I know oil business may not be your line of business but I will handle and manage this project and also make sure that I guide you on what to do at any given time.

Don’t forget to furnish me with your private phone and fax numbers for easier communication amongst us.

I await your response.

Alfonso Amantius Camacho.

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