Yuri Fedotov, United Nations (scam warning)

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There are a lot of email scams out there, and scammers know that you know that. As a result, they sometimes sent out “meta-scam” messages — scam messages about scams, usually offering you compensation for having been scammed in the past. It’s bad enough to be scammed once, but these scammers are trying to scam you twice!

Subject: Respected Citizen,
From: “Mr. Yury Fedotov” mrfedovtobb9000@mrfed9yury112.onmicrosoft.com
Date: Wed, 1 Jan 2016
Reply-To: MrYuryFedotovUn@MrYuryFedotov01.onmicrosoft.com

Respected Citizen,.
I hope and pray these email gets to you in a good health condition, I am Mr. Yury Fedotov Executive Director of the Uniited Nation office on drugs and crime (www.unodc.org/unodc/en/about-unodc/leadership.html).

I write to intimate you on the on-going programme by the Unted Nation(UN) and the Federal Burear Of Investigation(FBI) on the on-gong cyber crime and drug trafficking, These programme is to ensure we bring back the glory of our online transaction like it was as of the old. I am Happy that we have been able to apprehend some of these internet scammers and drug dealers with the help of the FBI and have published their identity online for confirmation of arrest made: (https://www.fbi.gov/wanted/cyber ).

In the above site you will find the face of these scammers and drug dealers but it might not be the same face they used while exhibiting their illicit act as they have confessed on using different respected official identity.

We have been able to recover a good sum of amount from them as your name/Family Name was mentioned in their list of scammed victim. We are sorry for everything you have lost in the past as the United Nation has decided to compensate your family.

Please Get back to me so i can give you more details on your compensation and more.Thanks

Mr. Yury Fedotov
Executive Director of the Unted Nation office on drugs and crime

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