Capt. Dennis Hall (scam warning)

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This is an example of the soldier-who-needs-your-help scam, a type of scam message that isn’t very common but does turn up from time to time. The scammer usually poses as a soldier in a war zone who has discovered a fortune in stolen money or valuables, and needs your help to get it safely home. You’re a patriotic citizen, so of course you’ll help! Unfortunately, the person sending the message is a scammer, not a soldier, and he’s just trying to pick your pocket.

Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2015

My name is Capt Dennis Hall and I’m an officer of the US Army. Please kindly reply if you can assist me with the safe keeping of some packages from which we would benefit from. I will share more details with you once I get a positive feed back. Please get back to me through my private E-mail. {}

God Bless

Cpt. Dennis Hall.

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