Barrister Patrick Obot (scam alert)

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This is a typical example of a “next-of-kin” scam. The scammer claims that a rich person died with no relatives, and if you would just stand in as next-of-kin to the deceased you can have a cut of the fortune. (Read more about how advance fee frauds of this kind work.)

Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2015
Subject: Dear Partner,?
From: “Barrister Patrick Obot.”

Dear Friend,

I am Real Estate Lawyer Patrick Obot The issue I am presenting to you is a case of my client,who has deal of sixty MILLION UNITED STATE DOLLARS ONLY(60,000.000).I wish to intimate you with a request that would be of immense Benefit to both of us.

The issue I am presenting to you is a case of my client)who died on the same day in the One-Two-Go Orient-Thai Airlines flight, the most unfortunate that he and his next-of-kin died and I can not claim this funds with out your assistance as I will present you as the next-of-kin with the necessary documents that will bear your name.

If you are interested send down the following personal details to me and as soon i hear you we will proceed but you are advised to keep everything regards to this business very confidential.

I am waiting for your urgent reply so that we will starts immediately on how the fund will move to you in your country through the bank or through UN envoy means.


Barrister Patrick Obot.

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