The wife of Mrs. Aisha Buhari (scam alert)

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The message below, which was sent randomly to thousands of people around the world, claims to be from the wife of the President Of Nigeria. But really, would the wife of the President of Nigeria be sending a personal message to you? Of course not. This message actually comes from a scammer who is trying to pick your pocket. (Read more about how African “419” scams like this one work.)

date: Mon, 02 Nov
from: “The wife of Mrs. Aisha Buhari,”

Attn.Sir /Ma,

Listen carefully, I am Mrs. Aisha Buhari the wife of the President Federal Republic of Nigeria, My husband came back yesterday with 100s of files belonging to contractors and beneficiaries, when I look into the files I found out that it belongs to beneficiaries that have not been paid by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

After going through all the files very well, I asked to many questions concerning this but I receive no answer, among all the files your file is the only one which I found out that has all the required documents needed by the Central Bank of Nigeria and other related banks to make a swift transfer of your fund direct into your account and I asked my husband why you have not received your payment, he gave me no reasonable answer to that, he only blame former officials of government and banks for their inability to do their work perfectly that was why I picked interest in you and I decided to write to you.

I will help you if only you can comply and follow my advice, your payment file is right now in our house not in the office of the presidency or central bank of Nigeria or ay other bank, so if any body is writing to you from any bank or any financial firm here in Nigeria or abroad, my dear consider the person and email fake and fraud.

As soon as I hear from you, I will advise you on what to do and how to do it so that your fund will be released and confirm into your account in less than one week.

Remember that this is confidential because if my husband knows that i wrote to you concerning your payment file, it will bring problem for me and he may believe that I am interested in your file only and he can cancel your payment indefinitely.

But I promise to give you the best advice that will help you to receive your fund in less than one week as soon as I receive your prompt email.

I am waiting for your urgent reply.

Remain blessed,

The wife of Mrs. Aisha Buhari,
Official Emai;
Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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