Mr. Abdon Deguenon, Attorney (scam alert)

This is a standard type of scam message called a “next-of-kin scam.” The scammer claims to be an attorney representing the estate of a deceased foreigner, and he will set you up to receive a share of this estate — or so he says. In reality, he’s setting you up to pick your pocket, because he’s not an attorney, and there is no deceased foreigner. There’s just a scammer trying to hook a victim and reel him in.

Subject: Confidential text for public records search
From: “Mr. Abdon Deguenon”
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2015

Attn: This is a legal confidential text for public records search. My name is Abdon Deguenon,a personal attorney to a deceased who may relate to you (name withheld for security reason) who died with no Will or Next of Kin.My firm is seeking for the next of kin.He died with his family in an auto crash. Since you both bear the same surname,kindly get back to us for more clarification.

Abdon Deguenon

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