Daniel Tremblay, UK Lottery (scam alert)

This is a very familiar type of lottery scam message, send to thousands of random people around the world. (Read more about how lottery scams work.) If you make the mistake of replying to “Daniel Tremblay” you will find you have to pay “taxes” or “transfer fees” before your (non-existent) fortune can be delivered. If you make the bigger mistake of paying, the scammer will disappear with your money, never to be heard from again.

Subject: you won
From: ttremb@Safe-mail.net
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2015
Reply-To: danamber1@gmail.com


UK National Lottery announce you today as the Lucky winner of the 3rd international draw of the year 2015.

Emails were picked up randomly based on the world list directory of Names and email addresses of individuals from all the countries in the world.

Your email drew as the winning email for the Category “A” draw, with Ref. Number: PF23-711W-9, Batch No: 46-184-WAN and serial NO:215-18. Amount Won on Category “A” Draw: US$1.0Million.

You are advised to come forward for immediate claim by contacting the Verification officer Daniel Tremblay (Email: danamber1@gmail.com) with Your Age, Full names, Physical Address,Telephone number and copy of this notification.

Thank you,

Notification Officer National Lottery UK

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