Mr. Tim Roller, Fund Release (scam alert)

This “mystery scam” message will probably trick many people this week (and you can be sure it was sent to tens of thousands of people around the world — if you got a copy, you weren’t singled out). Did you know there was three million dollars waiting to be delivered to you? Probably not, because in reality (sad to say) there isn’t. There is only a scammer using the name “Tim Roller” who is trying to pick your pocket.

date: Thu, 17 Sep 15
subject: Fund Release Order Notice!

Your total fund of Three Million six Hundred Thousand U.S.D need to be deliver through check and your details are needed. Forward your receiving information to Mr. Tim Roller, E-mail: or Call: +229 68006989 for the processing of the Fiduciary. Director George

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