John Marcinek, IMF (scam warning)

This is a classic example of an African “419” scam message, claiming to have a fortune ready for delivery to you. (Read more about African email scams.) Alas, there really is no fortune, no payment waiting, and no “IMF Coordinator” — there’s just a scammer trying to get you on the hook so he can eventually pick your pocket.

date: Mon, 14 Sep 15
subject: Please Pay Urgent Attention

Attention: Honorable Beneficiary,

The International Monetary Funds, IMF has authorized my Office to settle all the Foreign Debts owed by the Benin Republic Government.The IMF Foreign Policy and Currency Regulation offered loan of $23 billion to Benin Republic Government based on the Agreement $2 billion was mapped out for the Foreign Debts and your name was among those Beneficiaries to be paid through my Office.

Based on these all the money you have had spent in the course of getting this money in the past must be included as no money will be lost. Therefore, you are directed to state categorically the total amount you had spent before and forward it to my Office now before the total payment will be made on your behalf.

Your payment this time will be taken place immediately and under 72 Hours the payment of $15m was approved on your behalf and will be transferred to you immediately. You are requested to reply with your full information such as:

Your Names
Your Address
Your Phone
Your personal

Contact Phone;+2348022352997

Kindly reply now.

John Marcinek

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