Horst Foundation (donation scam)

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This is a type of scam message that has become quite common in recent months, and is being sent to thousands (and perhaps millions) of people around the world.

The scammer says you have received a donation and need to contact him immediately. (And who wouldn’t be delighted to receive a donation?) The scammer’s strategy is just to get you on the hook and talking, like a telephone salesman who figures if he can keep you talking he can eventually make a sale. The scammer here just wants to get you talking, and then he figures he’ll be able to find some way to pick your pocket (probably by requesting an advance fee before your supposed donation can be sent).

Date: Tue, 08 Sep 2015
From: Horst Foundation joerg.peuckert@uni-jena.de
Subject: NYC
Reply-to: iracurrye@gmail.com

You have a personal donation of five hundred and fifty thousand dollars From a Mega Million winner reply immediately for more information.

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