Your AppIe ID has been disabled (scam warning)

This is a standard phishing scam message aimed at people who may have an Apple computer ID. It is not a legitimate message from Apple: it is an attempt to steal your passwords and other private account information. (The scam link is deactivated in the copy below for safety.)

You should always be suspicious of unsolicited email messages that ask you to click on a link and enter private information. That is how scammers can gain access to your private accounts.

Subject: Your AppIe ID has been disabled for security reasons !
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2015
From: Apple ID

Dear Customer,

You have a problem in your Apple account, you must complete the data to check, you have a period of 24 hours s business.

Check now [link deactivated for safety]

For more information, see Questions and Answers.

Thank you,
Assistance to Apple customers

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