Neil Trotter Donation (scam alert)

Names in the news attract the attention of scammers, who routinely impersonate rich bankers, foreign generals, and United Nations officials. There apparently is a real person named Neil Trotter who did indeed win millions in a British lottery. But this message didn’t come from him: it came from a scammer who thinks maybe you will recognize the name from the newspaper and fall into his trap:

Subject: Neil Trotter Donation
From: Neil Trotter
Date: Wed, 05 Aug 2015

My wife and I won 108 Million Pounds this year and we have done lot of charity donations, so we have decided to give out $2,000,000.00 each to 5 lucky people this 2015, to mark our Year windfall lucky for you, your email address was given to us by Google management as one of our lucky recipients. Please read the article carefully to confirm the authenticity of this prize donation.

For verification process see below: Contact the finance company in which your prize is been deposited to verify and approve your payment: Finance company contact to approve your payment Tunnels Finance & Loans #1 Kings Square, Liverpool, England.EC4Y 7EQ Phone: (+44) 702 4095 065 Name: Francis Barry EMAIL: Yours Faithfully, Neil Trotter.

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