“I have a transaction for you” (mystery scam)

Messages that I call “mystery scams” have gotten more common in recent years. (See more examples of mystery scam messages.) Like every sleazy salesman in the world, these scammers figure that as long as they can get you to talk to them, they can sell you anything.

This version of a typical mystery scam message offers you a “transaction” — about what? If you make the mistake of answering “Jocelyn McKenzie” (or is it “H. Abraham”?), the scammer will be glad to make the transaction about anything you want, as long as involves you sending him money.

From: Jocelyn Diana McKenzie tqg943@alumni.ku.dk
Subject: VS: re.
Date: Wed, 5 Aug 2015

Fra: Jocelyn Diana McKenzie
Sendt: 4. august 2015 20:53
Emne: re.

I have a transaction for you, please contact us for more details: H.Abraham@qq.com

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