Benutzer Foundation (scam alert)

Brief “mystery scam” messages like the one below have become more common online in recent months. Why should a scammer bother to send a long and elaborate message if a short one will do just as well? (See more examples of mystery scams.) Here the imaginary “Benutzer Foundation” claims to have a donation ready for you and asks you to reply.

Messages of this kind are just a new version of the old advance fee fraud. Like a sleazy salesman, the scammer figures if he can just get you to answer, he can “make a sale” — that is, cheat you out of your money.

Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2015
From: Benutzer Foundation
Subject: ATTN
Organization: benutzerberatung

You have a personal donation of five hundred and fifty thousand dollars From a Mega Million winner reply immediately for more information.

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