TPHX Stock Spam

Sure enough, there seems to be a little shower of penny stock spam spreading over the Internet this week. Just yesterday we saw spam for BWPC, and today we have spam for something called Tanaris Power (TPHX). “Pump and dump” schemes like this are an old game, and the only people (if any) who make money from them are the people doing the spamming.

Subject: This is going to fly!
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 2015

Tanaris Power Inc (TPHX) will improve 1.3 billions of androids. TPHX should be the next Lenovo! They got announced the ultimate reliable batteries. Big news Friday: Tanaris acquires 9 lithium properties in Canada!!! Buy TPHX Jul, 20 before it turns into Lenovo!

A few years ago these penny stock spam messages used to circulate by the thousands, but over time their volume sharply declined. Perhaps these recent messages herald a new wave that will clog up the global email system once again.