Rev. Edward James Olmos (Scam Alert)

This message, now circulating on the web, is a jumble of all kinds of different scams all rolled up into one. It’s basic approach is reverse psychology: We know you were promised money before, and never got it. But that wasn’t a scam, we promise! We were just having management problems, you see, but now everything’s OK and your money is ready. It doesn’t seem to matter whether you were supposed to get a lottery payment, or an inheritance, or a Western Union transfer — no matter what money you were owed, we have it ready for you:

Date: Wed, 8 Jul 2015


Dear: Sir/Madam,

We Apologize for the delay of your payment and all the Inconveniences and hiccups that we might have caused you. However, we were having some minor problems with our payment system, which is Inexplicable, and have held us stranded and Indolent, not having the Preriquiste to devote our 100% endowment in accrediting foreign payments.

We apologized once again, from the Records of outstanding debt’s due for payment to: {AWARD LOTTERY WINNER’S AND INHERITANCE FUND CLAIMS}

THIS OFFICE: DEBT RECONCILIATION COMMITTEE INCONJUNCTION WITH OVERSEA CREDIT COMMISSION has been Mandated to Liquidate all outstanding debt;your name and Particulars were discovered as next on the list due for outstanding payment.

I wish to inform you now that the square peg is now in square hole and can be accelerated so that your payment can be processed and will be released to you as soon as you respond to this letter. Also note that from the record in our file, YOUR APPROVED PAYMENT IS US$5.5million Usd (FIVE MILLION FIVE HUNDRED US DOLLARS). You are advised to choose any preferred method of payment and also indicate your area of concern for your payment:{1} Inheritance fund claims or {2} Lottery award winners: {1} Diplomatic immunity payment system {cash delivery to your residence, will cost you $75.00 for Shipment Fee} {2} Western Union Money Transfer, will cost you $50.00 for the Transfer fee, as soon as you get in touched with. Contact REV. EDWARD JAMES OLMOS For the Receiver information.

REV. EDWARD JAMES OLMOS. Oversea Credit Commission.
E-mail: (
Tel: +22999936171

In the light of this aforementioned, you are required to furnish this office with the following information, as this will enable us to process and release your cash prize without any further delay.

Your Full Name:
Telephone and fax Numbers:
Residential Address:

Forward your urgent reply/payment information’s to REV. EDWARD JAMES OLMOS. via
Tel: +22999936171
for speedy release of your long over-due payment within 48hours.

Yours Sincerely,
Mrs. Rosemary khun.
For: Debt Reconciliation’s Committee.

It’s hard to believe people fall for messages like these, but if some people didn’t, the scammers wouldn’t keep sending them. If you ever get a suspicious message like this, pay a visit to us here at and learn more about how online scams operate so you can keep yourself safe.

Keith Franklin, Chevron Export Manager

This is an example of a typical business scam message: someone needs your help in skimming a little money from a legitimate business, and promises to cut you in on the deal. There may be an actual person named “Keith Franklin” who works at Chevron — we don’t know. If there is, he certainly has nothing to do with this scam: scammers routinely steal the names of real people to give their messages a feeling of legitimacy:

Subject: Appointment info
Date: Mon, 06 Jul 2015


Thank you so much for your anticipated prompt reply; As the export manager of Chevron Petrochemicals, my colleagues and I agreed to privately supply few barrels of chemicals in order to increase our income as breadwinners. We have instructed the buyer to direct payments to our representative because receiving such payments in our account will raise eyebrow, knowing-fully-well that we are still in active services in Chevron. The amount involved is seven hundred and eighty five thousand dollars US$785,000 only, and we have agreed that you will take 30% of the total amount for your anticipated assistance, while you keep the remaining 70% for my colleagues and I.

We intend keeping you as our newly appointed representative because the forma representative made away with one million dollars after much we trusted him; however, we strongly believe that you will be genuine and straightforward with us especially now that we have private buyers to supply huge chemicals. Note that our partnership with you is purely genuine and there is no risk involved because we are licensed exporters, hence we seek your understanding to treat our transactions privately with utmost honesty, it may interest you to know that our lawyer will legalize the necessary representative authorization approval to enable you receive supply payments legally.

Kindly provide your complete personal details such as; your full name, nature of business, complete address, direct phone number, your age, and marital status. We shall officially authenticate your details as international representative to enable our buyers direct supply payments to you at ease.


Keith M. Franklin
Chevron Export Manager
British Citizen

Remember: This isn’t an offer to get involved in scamming the Chevron Corporation. The people sending these messages don’t have anything to do with Chevron, they don’t work there, and they don’t have any extra barrels of chemicals to deliver. The whole thing is completely made up from beginning to end. Study our resources here at to understand how advance fee frauds like this work, and you’ll know how to avoid them in the future.

Dominique Picole Charity Scam

This is an example of a standard dying-of-cancer charity-scam message, invoking all the usual appeals to help widows, orphans, and unfortunate mothers. (See more examples of charity scams.) The details may change from one scam message to the next, but the general pattern is the same in all:

From: “Dominique Picole”
Subject: Hello
Date: Mon, 6 Jul 2015

My name is Dominique Picole citizens of France but presently reside in United Kingdom, I was diagnose of Heart Cancer in December 2014 and am presently hospitalize now and have few days to live on earth. I have been touched in my heart to donate Two Million Great British Pounds Sterling (2,000,000.00 GBP) from part of my Real Estate Investment inherited from my late Father to you for the good work of charity Organization. 10% can go for your personal needs for your time taken from your busy schedule to work with me on this sole act of charity. Am presently sending you this email seeking your assistance in helping me set up a charity organization in your country coined in both of our names which would be in existence long after am gone out of this world. I will be going in for a surgery soon and I want to make sure that I make this donation before undergoing my surgery.

I decided to donate my fund to you for investment towards the good work of charity, and also to help the motherless and less privilege and for the assistance of the widows and unfortunate mothers. At the moment I don’t want any telephone calls due to my health condition I would have provided you with my Mobile number. I wish you all the best and may the good Lord bless you abundantly. It is true that I don’t know you and you don’t know me, no one came into this world knowing each other it only take time for people know each other, but I have been directed in my heart to contact you by grace. I will appreciate your utmost confidentiality in this matter until the task is accomplished. Kindly indicate your interest in helping me in this sole act of charity or not, until I hear from you my dreams will rest squarely on your shoulders.


Dominique Picole

If you make the mistake of replying, “Dominque” will end up picking your pocket and leaving you poor. Here at we document scams like these to help people around the world keep themselves safe.