Rosemary Lemmy (scam alert)

This is a classic example of the “rich dying widow scam.” The scammer claims to be a wealthy woman with a young child, and she is dying of cancer. (For some reason it always seems to be esophageal cancer with these people.) Her husband died in an accident, and she needs an honest person to look after her child and her fortune.

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She assures you it is not a joke — the money and the need for help are real:

Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2015
From: “Ms. Rosemary Lemmy”
Reply-To: “Ms. Rosemary Lemmy”
Subject: Please, answer emergency.

Please, answer emergency

Good day; I know that this message will look strange, surprising and probably unbelievable to you, but it is the reality. I want to make a donation in the amount of:3,500,000 (3.5 million pounds) for you. I will contact you by the will of God. My name is: Ms. Rosemary Lemmy, I am a firm British woman specialized in mining gold and diamonds in Africa. but now, I’m very sick of a cancer. My husband died in an accident two years ago with our two children, leaving me with only a son who was just 9 years old, and now I have cancer of the esophagus that damaged almost all the cells in my system/agencies and I die soon according to my doctors. My most concern now is my only remaining grandson who knows nothing about live and has no one to take care of him after I have died, because I and my husband has no family, us grew up in the orphanage and were married in

If I die my son will soon be left alone in the desert of life, and I do want to make it a subject of the orphanage where I and my husband grew up, I want my son growing up in a family. Please, if you can be reliable and sincere to accept my humble proposal; I have 3, 500 000 into a fixed deposit account; I will order the Bank to transfer the money onto your account in your country

immediately, and then you take my son in your country and raise. Please, answer as quickly as possible. THIS IS NOT A JOKE.

God bless you.

That’s true: it is not a joke, it is a criminal scam. We see messages of this type quite a bit here at Learn to recognize them and you won’t get caught in the fraudsters’ traps.