Mystery scam from

Once upon a time, most scam messages were long and elaborate, full of detailed stories about dying widows, rich orphans, and deposed dictators. More recently, email fraudsters have taken to sending what I call “mystery scam” messages. The example below, like all such mystery scam messages, tries to do just one thing: get you on the hook so the scammer can manipulate you further:

From: Marcel Nijenhuis
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2015
Subject: Donation To You

Personal Donation of $2M To You, Contact ( ) for Info, Please do not ignore, this is the third time trying to reach you.

Disclaimer: Dit e-mailbericht is uitsluitend bestemd voor de geadresseerde en kan privacygevoelige informatie bevatten. Als dit bericht niet voor u bestemd is, wilt u dit dan aan de afzender melden?

If you make the mistake of responding, the scammer will try to manipulate you into sending money to him, and then after picking your pocket he’ll disappear. Study the resources we have here at so you can learn to recognize and avoid scams like these.