MTCN=8845-115-202 (scam alert)

This is an example of what I sometimes call a “mystery scam.” (See more examples of mystery scam messages.) Someone has sent you $4500 via Western Union. But who sent it? And why? You’ll have to call “Tony John” or “Kevin Anthony” to find out:

Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2015
From: Tony
Subject: MTCN= 8845-115-202

Your first payment of $4500.00 has been sent today via Western Union. You are advise to Contact WU with your full information to enable them give you Sender Name, Question and Answer to pick up your First Payment MTCN= 8845-115-202, For more information contact Mr. Kevin Anthony, Tele: +229 66934781 Email: ( he’ll keep sending you payment until your total fund is Completed

Thank you for cooperation

Best Regards,
tony john

If you do make the mistake of calling, you’ll find out that your money is ready to be delivered, except … you need to pay a “release fee” or a “customs tax” or a “service charge” before it can be sent to you. And if you make the bigger mistake of paying, then the scammers will disappear and you’ll never hear from them again.