Mrs. Ros Sothea, CEO (Scam Alert)

Scam messages come from all over the world, and this one claims to come from Cambodia. That’s not a country we see very often, but if the source is unusual, the message itself is in a very familiar format: it’s yet another example of the good old “dying woman scam.”

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In this version, the wealthy dying woman is the CEO of a Cambodian food company, and she wants your help in distributing her fortune:

From: “Ros Sothea”
Subject: Crucial Ref: ROS994/CKKF0PHKH
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2015

Good day,

Please I got your contact through an extensive search I did personally for a charity work purpose ONLY. I want to entrust a Will donation to you for a Charitable Project to handle on my behalf. My name is Mrs. Ros Sothea CEO, Khmer CityLink Kitchen Food in Cambodia. I am a dying woman of 58 years old and was diagnosed of Cancer 18months ago, due to my illness I will be undergoing another surgery operation in due time which I pray to survive it. I ask for mercy and forgiveness of all my sin. I am touched to do a charitable work, but due to my health condition I will not be able to carry out the work myself so I am willing to hand it over to you to do with the sum of $15,280,000.00USD for the Charitable Project Organization, creating shelter for widowers, less privilege and poor people in your community. I have earlier informed my lawyer about my decision willing money to you for charitable purpose.

If you are Interested sincerely, kindly contact my lawyer immediately. Barrister ROTHANAK NANG, via E-Mail Address: and call his Cellular phone number: +85599227815. Ensure that you state my reference. ROS994/CKKF0PHKH to my lawyer.

Thanks for your understanding. Be blessed.

Yours Respectfully,
Mrs. Ros Sothea
Khmer CityLink Kitchen Food Ltd.

Unfortunately, “Mrs. Ros Sothea” is just one more advance fee fraudster, out to pick your pocket. Use the resources here at to learn to recognize scams of this kind so you don’t get victimized!