Kevin Bryner, Abandoned Shipment (scam alert)

One common type of scam is the “abandoned shipment scam.” You get a message from someone who claims to represent a shipping company or airport, and that person says there is a package waiting for you. These scammers often use the names of real people, so in this case there may actually be a real “Kevin Bryner,” but of course that real person has nothing to do with the scam — his name has just been stolen by the scammer to make the message look legitimate.

From: “Kevin Bryner”
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 2015

Harrisburg International Airport Pennsylvania
One Terminal Drive, Middletown,
PA 17057, Pennsylvania USA

Hello Good Friend

Your Abandoned Package For Delivery

I have very vital information to give to you, but first I must have your trust before I review it to you because it may cause me my job, so I need somebody that I can trust for me to be able to review the secret to you.

I am Mr. Kevin Bryner, Chief Inspection Agent – United Nations Inspection Unit at Harrisburg International Airport Pennsylvania, working hand in hand with Department of Homeland Security and U.S Customs and Border Protection. During our investigation, I discovered an abandoned shipment from a Diplomat from Africa and when scanned it revealed an undisclosed sum of money in a metal trunk box weighing approximately 25kg each. The consignment was abandoned because the Content was not properly declared by the consignee as money rather it was declared as film materials to avoid diversion by the shipping agent and also the Diplomat inability to pay for Non Inspection Fees.

On my assumption, each of the boxes will contain about $7Million to $8Million each and the consignment is still left in the storage house till today, but as the year is coming to and end you most act fast. The consignment are two metal boxes with weight of about 25kg each (Internal dimension: W61 x H156 x D73 (cm). Effective capacity: 110 LBS.).Approximately, the details of the consignment including your name and address, the official document from United Nation office are tagged on the Metal Trunk boxes.

Provide your name, phone number and full home address, to cross check if it corresponds with the name and address on the consignment including the name of nearest airport around your city and other details. You can send the required details to me by email for onward delivery. All communication must be held extremely confidential. I can get everything concluded within 48hours upon your acceptance and proceed to your address for delivery if you assure me of sharing the content30% for me / 70% with you on my arrival to your house.

I want to transact this business with you and share the money, since the shipper has abandoned it and disappeared because of the fear of being arrested by the authorities. I will pay for the Non inspection fee and arrange for the boxes to be moved out of this airport to your address by myself. But I will share it 30%/70% with you. Make sure Respond to me via my direct EMAIL:

Below is my direct telephone number. Call me as soon as you receive this mail and send me all the requested information to my email and i assure you that this is legal and 100% risk free.

Mr. Kevin Bryner

If you make the mistake of replying, you will be led though all the stages that advance fee fraudsters follow — delay, deceit, and bullying, until you cough up an “advance fee” to get the promised money released. And then once the scammer has your money in his pocket, he will disappear, never to be heard form again.