Wells Fargo Phishing Scam

Every major bank or e-commerce site (PayPal, Amazon. etc.) is used by scammers trying to “fish” for private passwords. In this latest example, customers of Wells Fargo Bank are being targeted. The scam link — deactivated below for safety reasons — will take you not to a genuine Wells Fargo website, but instead to the scammer’s website where he will try to capture your private account information.

Subject: Important Notice : Update Your Account
From: Wellsfargo
Date: Fri, 29 May 2015

Dear Wellsfargo User,

Due to our recent security checks, Wellsfargo accounts have been the target to phishers and this has raised security concerns.

We’ve taken this precaution to protect our members while we make sure that the activity doesn’t cause harm–even unintentionally–to the Wellsfargo community.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use your Wellsfargo account in any way. To regain your access update your Wellsfargo account We appreciate your understanding

Click Here To LOGIN TO BEGING THE PROCESS [Link deactivated for safety]

Thank you,

Wellsfargo Security

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If you ever get an unexpected message from your bank or from another financial services company, it’s always a good idea to check by phone to see whether the message is legitimate.