UN Diplomat Robert Newman (Scam Alert)

This message is an example of the old diplomatic-courier scam. “Robert Newman” is a diplomat, so he can smuggle things through customs without them being inspected. And amazingly he has a big box of cash that is just for you! In reality there is no “Robert Newman” and no big box of cash: there is just a scammer conducting a classic advance fee fraud, and you’re his target.

Reply-To: robnewman86@yahoo.com
From: “SCHNEIDER” sales@oootps.ru
Date: Tue, 12 May 2015
MIME-Version: 1.0


This is to alert all FORE., we are trying all possible best to make sure all unpaid beneficiary receive their unpaid funds. As a result of the on going compensation scheme, various means to reach you have proved abortive, and a box of money worth $10.5 million dollars have been given to the (UN) diplomat ROBERT NEWMAN, apparently I Let him know the box contain some film material that he is to deliver it to your home address and he should deliver it to my client, I don’t want him to know its huge sum because of trust and security purpose.

Contact him now with the following information (Full Names:, Home Address:, Age:, Mobile /telephone no:, State:, Occupation: Nationality:, Code: ) to deliver the boxes to your home address. I want you to know that you have 24hours to call him now with this line (509)-214-2875 or email him: robdiplomat@yahoo.com, then further direct him on the nearest airport to your house address OR your house address.

Note that you must contact me via email-(imf44_monetaryfund@yahoo.com) as soon as you receive this email for more clarification and better understanding. You are advised not to waste his time at the airport, so that he would not be stranded in any way because he will return if he finds out that you are not doing anything to get him over to your house.

Email: robdiplomat@yahoo.com

Note: you are to provide him with this code BDV/232TS when getting back to him via email, the code is specified for security reason and should not be disclose to any one except the diplomat.

Best Regards
Mark Schneider

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