Faith Weilinski, Millionaire Orphan (Scam Alert)

Stories about wealthy widows and orphans are the bread and butter of scammers. In this example, now circulating around the world, “Faith Weilinski,” a sixteen year old girl, wants your help in getting the $2,500,000 in insurance money her late father Antoni has left her. What is standing in the way? An evil stepmother, of course! (Scam messages have a lot in common with fairy tales.) In fact, “Faith” is just another scammer, and like all advance fee fraudsters, if you get in touch with her she’ll string you along until she can find some way of getting your money into her pocket.

Date: Mon, 16 May 2015
Subject: Dear
From: Faith

I got your contact details from a family friend who assured me that I can confide in you. My name is Faith from NY. I am 16 years old. I lost my Dad some year back. Since then I have been living with my step mom who has forcefully collected my inheritances because as a minor I cant claim these funds on my own. Now she wants me to give her the document of my Dads Insurance worth 2.5 million u.s.d which i have denied knowledge of because of this she has decided to punish me by maltreating me and refusing to let me go to school and so i have dropped out of High school. My late dad Antoni Weilinski before his death warned me not to disclose this to her.

After reporting this with my Dads attorney, he advised to me look for a relative that i can trust. Problem, is that the only relative I know died a long time ago with my mom in road accident. Hence I am contacting you, to stand in as my relative so the insurance firm will release this money to you on my behalf. I am willing to give you part of this money as long as you can assure that the fund will be safe in your care. Your phone number will be appreciated.
Yours truly,

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