Daniel Klimowicz of ABL, London

This is an example of the trend toward shorter and shorter scam messages that do little more than pique your interest without providing any details. “Daniel Klimowicz” wants to send you a fortune, but why? Will he claim it’s an unknown inheritance that is owed to you, or money from a forgotten bank account? It doesn’t really matter, because his only real interest is in transferring your money to his account.

Date: Sun, 10 May 2015 16:28:20 +0700 (WIB)
From: “Mr.Daniel Klimowicz” sarana@unisba.ac.id
Reply-To: “Mr.Daniel Klimowicz” dklimowicz80@yahoo.com.hk
Subject: From Daniel Klimowicz

Auditor Head,

Dear Sir,

I am requesting for your help, to assist me in getting £42,000,000.00 to your account. please do indicate your interest for more information’s. dklimowicz80@yahoo.com.hk

Yours Truly,

Mr.Daniel Klimowicz,
Auditor Head,