Col. Wafa Alhalabi Adel (Scam Alert)

I can only read a couple of words of German, but you don’t need to be fluent to recognize this as a standard advance-fee scam message. “Col. Wafa Alhalabi Adel” may be speaking German, but his message is international: get in touch with me so I can separate you from your money.

Subject: ACHTUNG
To: Recipients
From: “Col.Wafa Alhalabi Adel”

And here is a rough English translation:

I know

This letter will surprise you, as you do not know, especially me, and we met not before. My name COL. WAFA ALHALABI ADEL, I got your contact through German Chambers of Commerce and Industry during my search for a reliable and credible person who have the ability to handle the huge size and volume. I deal need to be seen by other considerations your profile and your resume, I have decided to send this proposal back to me for more thanks ….. here is my email :

I hope I am honest enough


UPDATE: Eight days later another copy of this same message was blasted out onto the Internet, but this time “Col. Wafa” sent it from an address in India instead of Germany, and he has a different hotmail reply-to address:

From: “Col. Wafa Alhalabi Adel.”
Subject: ACHTUNG
Date: Mon, 11 May 2015

That’s very characteristic of scam messages, which are typically sent from hacked or free email accounts.