Barrister Martin Enrique (scam alert)

Willie is dead! How terrible! You don’t know who Willie is? That doesn’t matter — no one else knows who he is either. The important point is that if you will help “Barrister Enrique” by pretending to be Willie’s next of kin, you can have a cut of Willie’s fortune.

Next-of-kin scams like this one are among the oldest types of advance fee fraud. (See some more examples of next-of-kin scam messages.) Do these scams work? You know they do, because if they didn’t, the scammers wouldn’t keep sending them.

From: “Martin Enrique”
Subject: Willie is dead
Date: Sun, 3 May 2015 11:51:22 -0700

Barrister: Martin Enrique
Ref: RS/218-22/4C

This is my second letter to you, once more my name is Barrister Martin Enrique I am the personal attorney to Willie who died few years ago, May his gentle soul rest in peace, Before his death, he deposited One Trunk Box/Diplomatic Personal Treasure, containing the sum of $8.752, 000.00 (EIGHT MILLION SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY-TWO THOUSAND U.S. DOLLARS ONLY) with a security company here in Spain.

But he did not disclosing the content of deposited diplomatic consignment to the security company, for security reasons.

But now the company is anticipating someone with the same surname (last name) specifically referred from my office to claim the money.

All my efforts to get his family relatives have not been successful, so i came across your contact information and decided to ask for your cooperation to present you to the company as his next of kin so that the money will be paid to you for our sharing on which will be negotiated upon your agreement, If you are interested, please reply me and note that you are the only person i have contacted.

Please send your reply only via this email:

Best Regards,
Martin Enrique.

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