Abdul Qadeer Fitrat (Scam Alert)

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Scammers often use the names of real people in the news to give their scams a sense of authenticity. The real people named have nothing to do with the scam — they’re just being used by the scammers to try to snag more victims. This message is a typical advance fee scam that claims to come from a bank official in Afghanistan.

Reply-To: qadeer@krovatka.su
Date: Sat, 16 May 2015
Subject: God bless.
From: Abdul Qadeer Fitrat abdulqadeerfitrat378@gmail.com

Assalamu alaikum!

Dear friend.,

My names are Abdul Qadeer Fitrat former Afghan central bank governor; I am in search of a reputable company or honest individual that can assist me this deal without exposing me or runaway with the money upon receipt of the money in his custody. I believe this world is a free place to do business with anyone with my experience. I got your email address from a business guest book and I have asked my personal assistance to contact you since two weeks again now, I therefore decided to write you myself to confirm if actually your received the email and for your willing to handle this transaction.

Please consider this and read about me online news as I am in a secret place. I was Afghan central bank governor and name is Abdul Qadeer Fitrat.

I have refunded back part of the funds but I need to secure my future by keeping $750,000,000.00 Million in a safe secured Bank account in Europe. I can’t travel or do open business with people because the present scandal after my retirement but I need a secret partner to help and receive this funds for investment.

I will give you the name were the fund is deposited, to enable you to confirm this report.

You will receive these funds and use it for investment purpose. I hope I can trust you.

God bless.
Yours faithfully,
Abdul Qadeer Fitrat

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