Navy Federal Credit Union (scam alert)

This is a typical example of a password phishing scam message, and it came with an attachment — something you should never open unless you know and trust the specific sender. (The attachment is deleted here for safety.) Scammers blast thousands of messages like this to random email addresses in the hope that someone will fall for the trick and enter their account information as requested on a fake website that has nothing to do with the actual bank. Once the scammers have your bank account number and password they will proceed to empty your account and then disappear.

From: Navy Federal
Subject: Suspicious Account Activity Reference
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2015 04:35:32 -0400

We have reason to believe that your Navy Federal Credit Union Banking Card may have been compromised. We have attempted to contact you by phone to speak with you personally but have been unsuccessful. As a precaution we have reduced your daily purchase limit. We now need to re-confirm your account information with us.

Please verify your identity immediately in order to confirm your recent account activity and restore your purchase limit.

You will need to download and open the document attached to this e-mail in order to verify your records. Please follow the instructions from the document.

We document scam messages like this here at to help people avoid getting caught in fraudsters’ traps. Please share this scam alert with your friends today and do your part to help fight online scammers!