Imran Capital Investment (Scam Alert)

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If you don’t run a business and yet you are getting messages that claim to want to invest millions in your business, you can be pretty sure those messages are scams. (Another clue: a company that supposedly invests millions of dollars ought to be able to avoid sending email messages in broken English.)

Business investment scams work like other kinds of advance fee frauds. If you take the bait, the scammers will promise to provide you with lots of cash, but you’ll find that you have to advance some cash of your own to grease the transaction. If you pay, the scammer will disappear and you’ll never hear from him again.

Imran Progenix Capital

Dear Partner

We are Imran Capital Investment, your partner in Group invest in fast growing businesses at all stages of their development and across all sectors of business

We have been an active investor; sometimes investing to the tune of $150 to $200 million per transaction.

From our location in Saudi Arabia, we are able to keep a pulse on emerging investment trends in new global markets and finding entrepreneurs with lucrative business models.

Due to the lucrative nature of your business,we have developed interest to invest in your business and I believe we can work together to achieve this goal. Kindly contact us for further discusion.

(CEO) Imran Capital – Investment

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