Oceanic Bank Nigeria (Scam Warning)

This is a straightforward advance fee fraud claiming to come from a Nigerian bank — the locus classicus of the genre. It adds one of the standard extra features of the type: a declaration that they’ve been trying to contact you and you haven’t answered. And it also adds an amusing twist: your money is finally ready because the previous corrupt head of the bank has finally been sacked. (Thank goodness it’s all clean now!) Alas, it’s all a fiction, designed once again to pick your pocket.

from mrscarolw@gmail.com
date Thu, Oct 7, 2010 at 1:09 PM

Message from mrscarolw@gmail.com:


Our Ref: OBN/IRD/OBX/080/010

Transfer of your approve fund valued $7.2Million
Welcome to Oceanic Bank of Nigeria.

Dear Beneficiary,
We have long awaited your feed back after our previous email to you regarding the release of your overdue inheritance fund totaling $7.2 million Dollars in our vault. Your file is on my table and your payment schedules has been processed amongst other and awaiting your compliance.

After the sacking of the former board head of oceanic bank Nig Plc Mrs Cecilia Ibru over financial mis-deed the Central Bank Of Nigeria CBN instructed us to immediately make payments to all accrued beneficiaries in this last quarter of the year 2010.

We do hereby request you choose amongst the under listed your preferred mode of receiving your inheritance fund through : (A) Direct bank transfer (B) Cash Payment (C) Bank Draft Upon the receipt of your confirmation, a certify copy of your PAYMENT APPROVAL CERTIFICATE PAC) will be send to you to enable you receive your fund within 7 working days.You are requested to contact Mr Emmanuel Eno of the Foreign Remittance Dept of this email-   infocustomercareobng@gmail.com

Yours faithfully,
Mrs Carol Williams

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