O2Telecommunications Jackpot (Scam Alert)

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I’m such a lucky person I won this O2 Telecom Lottery three times! At least that’s what the three copies of this message I got would suggest. Alas, if only it were true. This is a variant of the standard lottery scam message, inventing an imaginary prize drawing sponsored by a big corporation. If you take the bait, your money will be on its way! (Right after you pay some up-front transfer fees, or taxes, or bank charges, or, well, you know….)

from MRS Elizabeth kamma elizabethkamma36@hotmail.com
date Sun, Oct 10, 2010 at 11:18 AM


Ticket number: {GA44 Y66HB-5655 B4}

We happily announce you the draw of O2TELECOMMUNICATION program held in London United Kingdom on 1st January 2010, which your e-mail address attached to our ticket number: {GA44 Y66HB-5635 B4} subsequently won you the lottery in 3rd category winners and you have been approved to receive certified cashier’s prize cheque valued – One million Five Hundred Thousand Great Britain Pounds (1,500,000.00 GBP) only.

All participants were selected randomly from world wide web-sites, through computer draw system, extracted from over (120,000.00) individuals and companies as promotion takes place only for this season before play coupon begins.

Amount won, is from total cash prize of Seven million Five Hundred Thousand Great Britain Pounds (7,500,000.00 GBP) only, organized by O2TELECOMMUNICATION COMPANY, shared among five lucky winners in this year coupon draw; and your lucky winning number falls within our United Kingdom booklet representative office in Berkshire as indicated in your winning coupon for claim.

Note; 3rd category winners are obliged to pay nine hundred fifty six Great Britain Pounds (956.00 GBP) only, to receiving account officer: HENDERSON ELIZABETH, via western union money transfer or money gram money transfers for insurance coverage of the cheque and immediate delivery to your address within (48) hours.

You are further advised to contact Dr. Richard Johnson fax:+447023083590 or e-mail: claimagent501@yahoo.com with your name and current residence address together with money transferred control numbers for confirmation of the fee and immediate delivery of prize cheque to your address within (48) hours as scheduled.

Best regards,

MRS Elizabeth kamma

{Claims Department Manager}

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