Farida N. Waziri, Abuja, Nigeria (Scam Alert)

Most traditional African advance fee fraud messages try to approximate standard English, but this example is notably illiterate. “Mrs. Waziri” tries to spin an elaborate tale of multiple accounts in a variety of banks in London and Nigeria, with transfers going here and there, but even for a dedicated scamologist this one falls into the category of “too long, didn’t read.” But of course Mrs. Waziri only has to get one sucker to take the bait and she’ll be able to clean up; if most of the thousands of people who get her messages ignore her it doesn’t much matter.

from Mrs. Farida n. Waziri emekaisok@yahoo.com
reply-to johnterryingplc1@gmail.com
date Mon, Oct 11, 2010 at 2:08 PM
subject Office of the economic and financial crime commission’s chairperson

Mrs. Farida n. Waziri
Office of the economic and financial crime commission’s chairperson
Wuse zone 11 (fct), abuja nigeria,
Motto: security watch
Our ref: ng-gw-efcc-as-005-31

This is to notify you again that your another relative (Philips Morgan) Claims to be from Park Avenue London U k, with a bank account # 12222765 from HSBC BANK London,He just informed that the central bank of Nigeria should transfer half of your $8.3M overdue payment to his personal account number as he stated above.

Remember that last time ago, your part payment of $5,000,000.00 which was transferred by the Citibank last year 2009 to one Mr. Fred Evans of United State of America to a bank account number in Bank of America.You know that this delay was due to the investigation that needs to be done concerning the huge amount involved. But we promise that this next transfer will not take more than three days to reflect in his bank account since it will be transferred directly from Nigeria into his own bank account or any other account provided by him.We’re please to inform you that this half payment of U S.$4,150,000,00 will be ready for transfer before the end of October, 2010 to Mr. Philips provided bank account after our intelligent investigation team having making the necessary investigation for this transfer.

Note:That after transferring this fund to Mr. Phillips account your balance with central bank of Nigeria account will be only U S.$4,150,000 00. You’re advice to inform us if the half payment of U S $4,150 000.00 should be paid into Mr.Philips bank account given to us as your relative or should be paid into your own personal bank account at this friday. Please note that Mr. Philips has agreed to pay us the activation fee and Processing fee of $475.00 to the CBN by tomorrow . And we promised that as soon as he pays the fee the CBN shall credit his bank account within 4hours. If you know that you don’t want us to do so kindly let us know from now till tomorrow,provide us with your new:

1)Band Name/Details……………
2)Account Name:……………..
3)Account Number:………………..
4)Swift Code/Routing Number………….
5)Bank Address………………
6)Your identity and………………………….
7)Your direct telephone number and fax………………………….

Kindly get your handling and processing fee ready so that we shall do as your directed because you are the authentic beneficiary of this fund.

Note that we, the EFCC shall be the part to receive any backhander or taking money from you,[pin term of covering you or protecting your interest.You are advised to follow our instructions so that you will receive your fund. Please kindly inform me by email as soon as you received this letter for my final order.

Finally, i have tried reaching you by telephone:but unsuccessful, I will advise you to call me or send me email in regards to this, so that i will intimate you more in regards to your contract/inheritance payment.

Await your reply and note that I shall not reply any negative talk from you because,been so busy and can not answer any negative word.

Your communication code: EFCC/NG/74-a0807777hj/UN/NG.

I expect your prompt response


Mrs. Farida waziri.
+234 7061249851
Office of the economic and finance

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