Rev. Father Ibori Cole (Scam Alert)

This advance fee fraud message seeks to reassure you by saying it doesn’t follow any of the customary practices of an advance fee fraud — very clever! And of course anything that comes from a Reverend Father and a Dr. Mrs. must be trustworthy, no? Alas, the pattern is clear, and the result is familiar: your pocket will be picked if you take the bait and contact the scammers for further information.

from Rev. Father Ibori cole
date Tue, Oct 12, 2010 at 6:20 AM
subject True beneficiary

ATT Beneficiary

Dear sir

This is to inform you that your contract / next of keen fund with Nigeria Government has revisited & reinstated to be paid to you this time without upfront fee or charges in line with international payment regulatory commission.

This fund $15.2m part payment will only pay to you once YOU indicated how want the money to reach your hands.

We sincerely sorry for the delay so far & inconvenience it has cause you. Thanks while look of hearing from you.

Rev. Father Ibori cole


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