Capt Frank Markovski of NATO (Scam Alert)

This is an example of what might be called the spoils-of-war scam. The writer claims to be a soldier stationed in a war zone, and he’s “discovered” a large amount of hidden, stolen, or captured cash. If you can just help get it to safety, he’ll split it with you. And you needn’t feel any moral qualms: it belonged to the enemy, and besides, they’re all dead. Of course in reality it’s just a standard advance fee fraud: there’s really no cash and no “Capt. Markovski” — there’s just a scammer with a cheap cell phone who’s trying to pick your pocket.

from Capt Frank Markovski
date Sun, Sep 26, 2010 at 8:53 PM
subject Business Proposition

Good Day,

I am Capt. Frank Markovski, a soldier serving with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)in Afghanistan.

I have a proposition that will be of mutual benefit. It involves the sum of US$120 Million. The funds is part of the funds that our unit discovered inside the Tora Bora while fighting in Afghanistan.

I have devised a means of moving these funds out of Afghanistan and I need you to help me in receiving the funds and ensuring that it disappears into the economy of your country when you get it. All arrangements have been put in place to move the funds out of this country legally and I just need your acceptance and everything will be done.

As a serving Military officer,I can not be parading such amount hence the need to get someone that will receive the funds on my behalf until my tour in Afghanistan is concluded. 40% of the entire funds is your portion for your assistance in this transaction.

If you are willing to proceed, the requested information is needed to expedite action.

1. Your Name

2. Telephone and Mobile Numbers

3. Occupation and Age.

It is of paramount importance that you keep the details of the transaction to yourself. Utmost confidentiality and secrecy are what is needed from you in order to successfully complete the movement of the funds from Afghanistan.

However, If you are not capable of handling the transaction, please delete this message and do not tell anyone about it.


Capt Frank Markovski

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