Ken George (Partnership Investment Scam)

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This is a standard investment scam, purporting to come from the UK. Since you have so much experience in business and finance (you do, don’t you?), a millionaire financier is contacting you for investing advice. You don’t have to put up any up-front money, honest! (Well, maybe a few thousand, sucker. Just enough to keep us going until we can fool someone else.)

from Ken George
date Mon, Mar 29, 2010 at 12:22 PM
subject Partnership Investment (Give a reply)

Good day,

My name is Mr. Ken George a financial consultant based in London, United Kingdom. My client has intention of investing his funds in a country that has political/economic stability and which also have great potentials for long term investments for good returns. In a nutshell, my client has in his possession US$50M to invest in your country and considering your vast experience in business, I would like you to be the manager of the funds for investment in your country.

You don’t have to spend any money upfront from your pocket to achieve this as I have already concluded arrangement of the transfer of the US$30.5M to your nominated bank account anywhere in the world. My client only requires me to introduce a partner who is capable and trustworthy to receive the funds on our behalf. This amount when received into your bank account, will be used to finance the processing of the transfer of my client’s fund [US$50M].Please I want you to understand how difficult it would be to get across to a bank account that can carry the huge sum of US$50M without raising an eyebrow not only by the government but as well by the receiving bank due to rampant cases of money laundering, terrorism and drug traffic activities so it would only be easier for the investor to get such amount transferred to you on BANK GUARANTEE without hitch. All you have to do is to discuss with your bank/account officer that you are expecting some funds from you

However, note that we shall be paying tax to the UK government as soon as the fund leaves the paying bank to the receiving bank which we must not violet such laws as we will not like to be involved in such cases of avoiding the Tax required to be paid both here in the UK and there also in your country. Meanwhile, we will solicit on your behalf with the help of a lawyer to the tax office that this should be inclusive when we have confirmed that the BANK GUARANTEE is confirmed by your bank to avoid misinterpretation of our proposal so that it will enable you to apply for 20-30% of the total sum transferred based on the negotiation approved for the tax.

If this proposal is acceptable to you, and you are ready to work with us, please get back to us with the required information needed to process the required documents and also establish a good business relationship before the transfer is made and to also enable us work out on the modalities and your consideration for participating in this project is 10% of the total on every income yearly as time and profit permits.

On your positive response I shall clarify further on the project.

Yours faithfully,
Ken George
Second Floor, 47 Fleet Street
EC4Y 1BJ, London U.K
Tel/Fax: +44 7006 024135

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