Joseph Madu, Economics Student

The allure of gold seems to make half the scammers in the world claim to have a trunk full of gold dust, or to be executives of gold mining companies, or to be the secret possessors of a fortune in rare gold coins. Here, the supposed son of a supposed mining director wants your help to invest in your country. Such a thoughtful boy! Who could turn him down? Certainly not you (sucker).

from Informação Mota & Teixeira
date Sat, Mar 27, 2010 at 9:40 AM
subject Complement of the Season.

Dear Sir,

I am Mr. Joseph Madu, an economics student; i have an inherited fund that was deposited in a security company on my name in Spain by my late father, who was once the director of West Africa gold miners association until his death. However i have not been to your country before but i will like you to give me details of investment opportunities in your country and also assist me to invest in your country.

Reply to this mail address.

Thanks as you reply.
Joseph Madu.